How Important is Emotional Intelligence at Work?

How Important is Emotional Intelligence at Work?

How Important is Emotional Intelligence at Work?

Emotional intelligence is a term which was introduced during the early 1990's, but only very important and intelligent people can  understand the term accurately. Emotional intelligence is all about the relationship shared by employees of the organization. The healthy relationship between the directors and the employees, the employees themselves. It also denotes the relationship shared by the company with all the stakeholders without whom the organization ceases to exist.

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When the employers conduct job interviews they identify and select people with high emotional intelligence. These people can work better in an organization because of their skill to cooperate with their fellow employees to reach the pre-decided goals. Their quality to struggle till they achieve the assigned task and their ability to control themselves make them distinct from others. They can acclimatize themselves to  change and update themselves with the newest of the newest innovations.

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may hold a number of degrees. But what ultimately matters is whether you have emotional intelligence which makes you succeed. Most commonly people with emotional intelligence are preferred by the recruiters because of four reasons. They are the following

Consciousness about Oneself


The one who has complete knowledge about his own strengths and weaknesses will do a better job than who is not aware of it. He is the one who takes criticism in a positive way and try to progress by changing according to the feedback.

Self- Control

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The one who keeps his/ her emotions under control is the one who will succeed in the workplace. Even when they are very angry or upset they express their feelings in a restrained and controlled way. This helps them to strive to achieve organizational goals.

Intense Desire to Achieve

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The people who have high EQ are the ones who are self-motivated people. They have that spark inbuilt in them. They are not after money or position. Even when they have to face criticism or failures they do not have to face emotional breakdown. They resurrect like a phoenix bird and emerge victoriously.

Understanding Others' Feelings Well

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It is the quality which a common man does not have. The people with high emotional intelligence are those who understands the other's feelings well. They can better connect with their friends and colleagues.

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Emotional intelligence is not only needed for new employees, but also for the managers and the senior managers who hire them. A good business leader is a person which high emotional intelligence. He will  constantly guide them through a better path to achieve success. Usually, when a new rule is introduced the employees resist to the changes made in the organization.

Those who have high emotional intelligence understands the need for change and cooperate well with the management. They also don't involve themselves in a power struggle and are committed to achieving the  goals of the organization.

In short, the people with emotional intelligence are amazing people who tweak themselves to fit into the organization better. They grow and also help others to grow. They work together to bring out their creativity completely.