20 SMART Goals for Your Employees

Of late, almost everyone is using social media to share their personal or work-related information with others. Organizations appreciate their employees' presence in these networks. These organizations plan many employee advocacy programs which have, by far, failed because of vague or ill-defined objectives.

Employee program is a curriculum through which employees promote the organization in the social media. The organization should have a schedule or goal for the overall program and another one for its stakeholders. Quite often it happens that the plans for stakeholders are neglected, and it spoils the overall schedule.

Managers' Goals

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Here is a set of goals or objectives which you can use on your project manager or employees and are known as smart goals. An organization's project manager is responsible for the implementation of the smart goals in an advocacy program.

He has the responsibility to find a platform where he can implement it and measure the effectiveness of the implemented program. Some of the goals related to him may be as follows:

  • By month end, you have to find out three metrics which will make employee advocacy program a grand success.
  • Decide on a particular day of every month to give a detailed account of ROI of the implemented program.
  • Increase the number of employees who will participate in the employee advocacy program within the next two months.
  • Collect feedback from the advocates as to how far the program is effective and what can be done to bring about better results.
  • Try to put into effect the employees’ feedback little by little. Take two suggestions at a time and try to carry them out in a month.
  • In between, choose a day to impart training about content marketing and the sales funnel. At the end of the training, have a question answer session to check whether the employees have followed the training session.
  • Formulate policies relating to Do's and Don'ts in social media for the employees. Request the legal department to approve the same.
  • Assign a particular task to a particular individual and communicate effectively the last date to accomplish the task.
  • Make a list of employees who have enrolled in the program and verify whether everyone has a task to complete.

Employees' Goals

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These are project manager’s goals. Now, what about the participant employee’s goals?

These participant employees belong to different departments such as Finance, Sales, HR, etc. So, people belonging to different departments also have different goals. They have different levels of competence. So ask them to write their goals according to their skills and verify them. Help them whenever necessary. Their goals could be:

  • Make sure that the article posts in the social media has headlines are written by you.
  • Check your participant employees’ post on Twitter and LinkedIn on a daily basis.
  • Get connected to senior-level marketing managers of different highly profitable companies using LinkedIn
  • Make the available time productive by decreasing the time I spend for responding to the queries for my company’s products in Social Media.
  • Make sure that you post at least one content or article on Twitter or LinkedIn on a daily basis.
  • Tweet two to three contents daily.  
  • Improve linked In profile quite frequently which will help you to get connected to a lot of people.
  • Making use of social media source in at least three new customers for your products.
  • Ensure that you build a strong relationship with such contacts to get additional contacts through them.
  • At the end of the financial year get connected to a majority of your customers through LinkedIn.
  • Ask  satisfied customers to post feedback in the social media

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