One Decision will Change your Life

One Decision will Change your Life

One Decision will Change your Life

I couldn’t read the numbers on the scale over my protruding belly as I nervously stood in my Aunt’s bathroom. When I peaked around my “1 pack” I read a number that instantly created a feeling of dread within my body. 200 lbs.How could I be 60 pounds overweight at 16?

1. Change in Life


Change in Your Life

In retrospect, it was pretty simple. Eat Twinkies, drink soda, play video games, and repeat. Einstein once said that you can’t solve a problem from the same level of consciousness you were in when you created them.Something had to change if I was going to turn my life around, and that day on the scale I decided I would figure out what that something was.

Up until that point I was a withdrawn, shy kid who dealt with his “problems” by eating pizza and ice cream and wishing the world would change.  Without a sophisticated understanding of human psychology at the time, I simply knew that I had to start eating better food and moving more.


Sounds like a logical formula, right?The very next day, while back at home, as my normal 2:00 pm munchies began rumbling in my stomach, I reached for an apple.Instantly, a feeling of calm self assurance came over me as I had interrupted a pattern that had formed over the previous 8 years or so.  It began with onechoice. You’ve probably experienced a similar feeling when you finally decide to do something.

2. Giving Up Fatty Acids


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Next, I decided I would give up soda. I began choosing water and fresh juices as my energy went through the roof. I was slowly beginning to develop a confidence in myself as I exercised will power and stopped shoveling down ding dongs.

However, I knew that, while diet was very important, I had to start doing something active besides sprinting to the fridge every few hours.Coincidentally, as if the universe had heard my thoughts, I got a call the following day from my good friend Josh who asked me if I’d like to go play tennis with him and some of our other friends.


“Sure, why not?”That afternoon, my life changed forever.As Josh handed me a racket and showed me how to swing it, I began hitting the ball over the net to him and a strange feeling of euphoria came over me every time I hit a good shot.90 minutes later, I was drenched in sweat in the midst of an endorphin rush, and I knew the light bulb had gone off.Tennis made me feel like I was a superhero in my own movie.That summer I played daily, noticing incremental progress every time I got on the court. (Top 10 Tennis Players)

3. The Transformation


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The following spring, my friends urged me to try out for the team. They said we would go on trips together, team up against rival high schools, and have a great time. So I did.Not only did I make the team, but I ended up winning the county championships with my friend John. Playing well and winning is more addicting than brownies. I wanted more!I played tennis every day that I could.

 It was incredibly relaxing and gratifying to hit the daylights out of a tennis ball over and over again.One day, I looked in the mirror and I hardly recognized myself. My belly was nearly gone! As I stepped on the scale, I realize that I had lost over 40 pounds.  Girls began to check me out and approach me.


My life had been completely transformed, and all it took was a few apples, some water, and a lot of tennis. Reflecting on the transformation, it all began with a decision. Once I had reached the point where I truly decided to get healthy, it was a foregone conclusion that it would happen. I’ve maintained a healthy weight for the past 15 years and now teach the fun in fundamentals of tennis, professionally. (Take Better Decisions)