10 Secrets of Success in Business

10 Secrets of Success in Business

10 Secrets of Success in Business

With all the information of this world at your fingertips thanks to the internet, it is easy for us to find various aspects of starting a successful business. Apart from the usual setting of SMART goals, having a stellar team behind you, not giving up when you fail and learning from your mistakes, there is more to running a successful business.

Here are 10 new ways from business experts Pamela Edwards and Michael White-Ryan that will empower entrepreneurs to gain more success in their chosen fields.

1. Know Yourself

know your self

One of the greatest qualities that make an entrepreneur top notch is to be an expert “inner observer”. You need to know who you are and what your requirements are to succeed in this cut-throat world. Firstly you need to understand whether you are cut out and well suited for a self-started business or the conventional managerial role. Once you have come to the conclusion about who you want to be, you will find the zeal to achieve your goals.

2.Grab Those Opportunities

“To kill or not to kill the ‘status quo’ is the question,” White-Ryan says.

It is imperative that we can change gears quickly to become the best entrepreneur. Creativity is the key here. It is too easy to get stuck in a rut and become defensive while running a business.  You have to keep your eyes open to look for the right opportunities and be prepared to take the leap when such an opportunity reveals itself.

3. Know Your Type

There are potentially 16 separate personality types based on 4 differentiators as per Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.  There are 16 leadership qualities over 5 primary categories as per Zenger Folkman, a Leadership development firm. As per White-Ryan and Ryan, a person has even more potential out of eight energetic qualities we possess.

know ur personality type

Thus, it becomes very important to know yourself. What type of person you are. Focus on your core strengths and get to work to convert these strengths into success.

4. Play To Your Strengths

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It is always good to know your strengths and weaknesses while starting a new company. As per White-Ryan, our three major “energies” are what should guide or choices to get a successful career. Play to your standout qualities while taking care of your weakness is vital for success in entrepreneurship.

5. Choose Your Team With Consideration

You need to consider all aspects while recruiting your team. Again the idea of a person’s top three “energies” comes into play. People you feel close to thanks to the compatible “energies” that you share may seem like a good idea at the beginning.

choose ur team

But common top “energies” also mean common “weaknesses” which leads to unforeseen issues while running the company. Find out people who complement your strengths, who have skills that you lack to complete your team.

6. Focus

Founders often do not make great CEOs because they have some brilliant ideas running in their heads simultaneously. Focusing is the key in such scenarios. Once you get a business started, your heart might want to hop on to the next sparkling idea nudging at your brain. Concentrate on the thing that you have started and enhance your skill sets to make it successful.

peaceful workspace

Take one step at a time. The business you started is your baby and like all babies, it needs your full attention and care to grow to its full potential. Once it has grown and successfully running, you can get started on the next big thing.

7. Set Your Workspace Right

set your workspace right

A peaceful workspace is imperative for success as is the location of your business. It is the entry point to your company which may attract or repel prospective clients. Try Feng Shui to decorate your space and let the positive energy flow. Create a visually peaceful environment. Aside from bringing in more clients, it will help your employees to be more productive. Positivity in your environment is crucial to make your business successful.

8. Place Your People Based On Their Personalities

place your people

You need to analyse the energy styles and personalities of each employee in your organization. Contrasting characters put together in the same space can cause conflicts and create a negative, unhealthy atmosphere and thus, affect work. Separate the four mercurial characters into separate work zones. This would take out the chance of conflicts and negative energy brought on by varying, contrasting characters and thus, in turn, would help the employees to function optimally increasing their productivity.

9. Get A Fresh Perspective

When faced with problems and stuck, try to think outside the box. We often try to deal with situations in a similar pattern which may work in certain situations but may not in others. Seek help if required. Get everyone’s opinions regarding the matter. A fresh pair of eyes may be able to see a side to the issue that may have eluded you so long. As everything is connected, digging deeper and attacking a problem from all sides is a sure shot way to get rid of it.

get a perspective

If what you’re doing isn’t working, look deeper. The more information you have, the better equipped you are to handle adverse situations. Once you have pinpointed on needs to be done, go ahead and do it. Make changes if required. A clear mind with a clear goal is required to have a successful business.

10. Think Holistically

think holistatically

Feeling whole inside is what matters in the long run. You may have started a business, and it may be running successfully, but you still feel unsatisfied and do not seem to have a clue as to what is ailing you.  It is not just about your mindset. You need to weigh in your lifestyle, your requirements- materialistically or emotionally.

What do you want? What drives you? Are you happy in your current position? When you have the answers to all these questions, figure out how to improve yourself, your life and your business to attain what you want to achieve. Peace of mind is the ultimate goal.

In a nutshell, while trying to be successful in business, you need to go above and beyond your capabilities. Aside from the usual strategies for business development, think outside the box, cover all aspects of your business, leave no stones unturned and above all, have fun. Success is within your reach; you just have to reach for it.