16 Major Personality Types and Their Characteristics

16 Major Personality Types and Their Characteristics

16 Major Personality Types and Their Characteristics

What makes you different from others? It is not only the looks but also the personality traits which differentiate us from one another that incorporate the thoughts, behaviour, and feelings. The characteristics of the person are an integral part of an individual’s personality from which we come to know about his temperament and nature.

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Different personality types have different characteristics. Some of them are mentioned below.

1. ISTJ- Duty Fulfiller

personality 2

People are hard working, serious and quiet. They are well organized and once they have set their mind to accomplish any task, they will do it with full concentration and can go to any extent to complete it. They prefer to live peacefully, support traditions and establishments.

2. ISFJ- Nurturer

personality 6

They have a deep insight of other people. They are helpful, quiet and conscious; they give preference to others rather than their own requirements. They are very practical giving significance to traditions and values and always helpful and serving others.

3. ISFP- Artist

creative 9

Loyal and faithful, they are very submissive and do not prefer to lead, generate conflict or show power. They have an aesthetic sense of nature’s beauty and are very creative and original. They always live in the present with open-mindedness.

4. INFJ- Protector

personality 4

Being original and sensitive, they tend to be individualistic. They are adamant to accomplish things till they are completed. They adhere to their own value systems and prefer to do the right things.

5. INFP- Idealist

personality 3

They are usually talented writers and always ready to help others and extremely loyal. They prefer to live in accordance with their own values, always mentally alert and adaptable.

6.  INTP- Thinker

personality 1

They are embedded with creativity, highly knowledgeable, and excited about theories. They convert these theories into clear understandings. They are so quiet and reserved that it is hard to know much about them.

7. INTJ- Scientist

personality 7

They are very analytical and are very determined. They have the power to convert theories into practicality. Being natural leaders, their performance is exceptional. They are extremely knowledgeable and competent.

8. ISTP- Mechanic

personality 8

They have excellent mechanical skills and are always inquisitive to know how and why of everything. They have the ability to find solutions to any kind of practical problem. They are loyal to their peers and ready to take risks.

9. ENFP- Inspirer

personality 5

They are open-minded with great skills and are ready to do things that are of their interest. Being enthusiastic and creative, they have a wide range of interest and abilities.

10. ENTJ- Executive

personality 10

They are the leaders, intelligent, competent and excel in speaking; that is one of the reasons why they are outspoken and assertive. They cannot bear inefficiency so often lose their patience; they have the ability to find out solutions of difficult organizational problems.

11. ESTJ- Guardian

personality 11

Loyal and hard working, they have the capability to organize the things in a perfect manner and are traditional and practical who love to live peacefully.

12. ESFP- Performer

personality 12

They are fun loving people who always want to be the centre of attraction. They dislike theory and are very practical. They live for the moment and are always interested in serving and helping others.

13. ESTP- Doer

personality 13

They are ready to take risks. They believe in action rather than planning but are friendly and adaptable though they are a bit impatient and focus on immediate results.

14. ESFJ- Caregiver

personality 14

They are very popular and warm hearted and always ready to serve others keeping their own needs aside. They have a strong sense of responsibility fulfilling their duties earnestly and give utmost importance to traditions.

15. ENFJ- Giver

personality 15

They always believe in serving others as they have outstanding skills and cannot stay alone; they are experts in managing people’s issues and are leaders of group discussions. They have a genuine concern for others.

16. ENTP- Visionary 

personality 16

They enjoy to debate and are very intelligent, creative and resourceful. They are always excited about new projects. They have a good understanding of concepts and are very logical in finding out solutions.