8 Ways to Boost your Creativity

If you have a creative job, hobby, passion or interest, it can sometimes be difficult to be inspired.

Things happen in our lives: stress and pressures get to us and we can all too easily get de-motivated at times.  Here are a-few simple ideas to help get your creative juices flowing!

1. Take a walk

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Take a walk get out of the house and feel the fresh air.  Look closely at what is around you, notice the seasonal changes, or if in an urban setting anything that is new.  Make challenges in your head to pinpoint certain details, for example, anything of a specific colour, anything eye-catching.  It is amazing how much you really notice when you just look.  It works wonders for any creative endeavors!  

2. Make a dish from scratch

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Make a dish from scratch pay close attention to all aspects of the cooking process- the chopping, mixing, smell the ingredients and taste as you go. Click pictures, draw or write about the dish made.  If you are writing about it, think of its colour, flavour, ingredients and what inspired you to make it.  

Cooking and baking are simple creative outlets, and a great form of de-stressing.  We all need to eat. Thus making a dish you enjoy making and eating can be a highly enjoyable experience.

3. Maintain a journal or a diary

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Writing about your day can prove to be a form of release. Moreover, it is always wonderful to read what you have written. If you are artistic in nature, it would be a good idea to add sketches to your written thoughts? Your writings may contain songs you heard in that week, quotes, details of interesting people you may have met, etc.

4. Talk to and observe other people

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You can learn so very much from others, and get inspired by their experiences and stories. Social interaction helps you relax and forget your problems, imaginary or otherwise.

5. Organize the space

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Organize the space where you undertake your creative pursuits. Make it comfortable and tidy, personalizing it with photos, artwork and mementos.   Keep it tidy.  It should be a place that you want to be in.  

6. Go through your old work

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Old writings, songs, a drawing or a photograph captured. Understand your feelings and perception about your previous collection, and appreciate as to how much you have improved. This exercise will motivate you to keep learning and improving.  Comparison here is a good idea.

7. Share your work and talk about it

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It is a very personal thing, so sharing with a loved one and others whom you trust and requesting them for a feedback can be very reassuring. When you are very involved in a project, you lose objectivity. So a different opinion can help you see a new perspective. Simply by talking, you can forge ideas, and maybe help you recall something.

8. Treat yourself

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Treat yourself to something new even if it is for just a minute.  It could be as simple as a new pen, notebook, paint brush, set of paints or camera lens.  Remember the start of a new term at school and the excitement of getting everything new. You can always relive that feeling!

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