How not to Let Your Personal Development Plans Fail

How not to Let Your Personal Development Plans Fail

How not to Let Your Personal Development Plans Fail

In order to understand how to make a personal development plan and make it so that it won’t fail you first need to understand what a personal development plan is. A personal development plan is a plan of action that takes you from where you are now to where you want to be in the future.

So many people start a personal development plan and fail. This normally happens because they aren’t factoring in all the key components that make up an extraordinary personal development plan.

1. Make it Personal

very secret plan

This is YOUR personal development plan, not anybody else’s, so why would you use the same one as someone else? Make it resonant with yourself as much as possible. You want to write down your goals, dreams, plans, thoughts. No one knows you as well as you do.

2. Keep it Simple

keep it simole

There’s no need to go down to minor details when creating a personal development plan. You want to focus on your goals, what you want to develop and time frames. From there you can come up with an action plan.

3. Commit

commit yourself

Commitment is key whenever a person is attempting to change their future. You don’t want to come up with a plan only to have it pushed off to the side. Every single day it means working on your personal development plan and working towards your goals for the future.

4. Be Accountable

be accountable

Find someone you can trust and wouldn’t mind telling about your personal development plan. They will be your accountability partner. Tell them exactly what you need to do. If you mess up or fall back tell them. They will be able to help you through this process.

5. Think Positive

think positive

Go into this with an open mind, thinking you will succeed. If you are negative from the beginning it will be that much easier to just quit and throw it all away. If you have to change your plan or If something happens then that’s okay, just keep an open mind and be positive.

6. Competence, Passion, and Organizational Needs


For every extraordinary personal development plan there are 3 key components you need to keep in mind when making it.

  • Competence- the capability to do something efficiently or successfully.  Basically your competence is the things you are able to do naturally. For example, painting or writing.
  • Passion- a powerful or compelling emotion or feeling. Passion is what drives you to do something, regardless of how well you do it.
  • Organizational Needs- are the services or activities that you have to offer and want to put to use

These three things will not be able to thrive without the other ones.

If you’re wanting to have an amazing personal development plan just remember to make it personal, keep it simple, commit, be accountable, think positive and remember to keep in mind the three key components when you are making your personal development plan. Good luck in all your endeavors.