Make Yourself Tired to Fall Asleep Faster

Make Yourself Tired to Fall Asleep Faster

Make Yourself Tired to Fall Asleep Faster

Some lucky people manage to fall asleep almost instantly; however, for most people, it can be very difficult. The process of falling asleep can take so much time that it can actually reduce sleeping hours. For a lot of people, the complaint can be too many thoughts while others just don’t fall asleep soon unless dead tired.

Lack of sleep can take a toll your physical and mental health. It can often make you sluggish, irritable, depressive and unproductive. It can also eventually cause heart problems and a risk of diabetes.

However, this problem is easily solved in a few simple steps. Try these to fall asleep faster.

1. Don’t Use Phones Before Sleeping


In this day and age even though we may be on our phones or tablets or laptops the entire day, there is just something special about curling up with Facebook right before sleep. However, that is a major flaw in your plan. The bright screens can chase sleep away and cause you to be more sharp and awake. It prevents a hormone, melatonin, to release. This hormone is the one which alerts the body it’s time to sleep. Without its presence, it can be very hard falling asleep.

2. Take Note of Day Time Sleep Enhancers

day time sleep

You can do plenty of things in day time hours that can eventually help you sleep at night. This includes exercising, avoiding caffeinated beverages in the evening/night or taking naps. Also, make sure to have light dinners as heavy dinners can trigger indigestion causing it to be difficult to fall asleep.

3. Prep the Bedroom

There are plenty of things in your immediate vicinity that may be causing problems in your sleep. So work to prep your bedroom accordingly. Keeping the temperature of your room cool can help you sleep better. Dim the lights in your room as they may be the reason for brain activity. 

prepare bed room

Mute all types of noise and if necessary, turn on soothing, calm sounds for a better sleep. Aromatherapy can also have a soothing effect on you. Soft scents like vanilla, lavender or sandalwood can help you sleep better.

4. Have a Bedtime Routine

Having a routine can make your mind psychologically conform to sleeping after repeating certain actions. Sleeping at the same time every day, for example, can turn your inner clock in your favour. Taking a hot shower and increasing your body temperature and then lowering it with a cool room can help you fall asleep faster. 

take a shower

Having a soothing beverage like herbal tea or a glass of milk can also serve to make you sleepy. Relaxing your mind and body through yoga and meditation can only serve to help you sleep better. Comfortable clothing and high-quality bedding can help you feel more relaxed and cosy.

5. Imagination


Use your imagination to whip up a happy place when you’re finally comfortable in bed. This can be an island or a meadow; wherever you feel most at ease. Then visualize yourself exploring your happy place. As you lose yourself in this imagination your mind will drift off and relax. This will also ensure you don’t stress about your day’s worries and let your mind take a break.

Take care of yourself and enjoy your ‘me time’! Give your mind a break and know that everything feels better after a good night’s rest. Even if you are stressed, remember that a well rested you will be more able to tackle any problem!