Real Secrets to Success

Real Secrets to Success

Real Secrets to Success

When people talk about success, they usually focus on the doing part of it.  Typically, to increase success, we would look at areas such as:

  • Time management strategies.
  • Performance enhancing tactics.
  • Financial investment plans.
  • The best technology and software to run our business.
  • How to communicate with our clients, colleagues, boss, the public, the media.
  • What’s the best marketing plan to implement.
  • How to improve our image. 

But the real ingredient of success is not any of these external actions; it is the often-neglected power inside of us.  Over-focusing on these outside areas can even take success away from us, since it cuts us off from our true source of power, which is within us. 

1. Inner Guidance System


Inside, we have an internal guidance system based on our intuition, emotional insights and gut feelings.  It is the most accurate system pointing us to the right actions to take that would lead us to the success we want.  Sometimes, these actions do not make sense when we analyze it but they just feel right to us.  Thus, there is an intelligence beyond our logic that is more sophisticated at play which we can tap into to achieve more success

Most successful people know this and utilize it to achieve the success they have.If you study the actions of most successful people, you will find that they ultimately make their decisions by following their gut feelings (even if they don’t put it in those words).Not only that, many rely on things that are often regarded assuperstitious or ungrounded in science. (Things Successful People Do)

Does it really matter then what actions we take?  Only to a certain degree.  When it seems that a successful outcome has come out of a particular action, it is often not just the action itself but how we feel inside and our attitude as we are performing those tasks that really determine the outcome. 

2. Stretching Yourself to Meet Fear


Overcome Fear

More than the actions themselves, it is the triumph we achieve internally, when we stretch ourselves to meet that fearful, vulnerable part of us - while implementing the strategies – that determine our personal success.  For even if it doesn’t yield measurable success on the outside, the fact that we have stretched and grown from undertaking that challenge should be acknowledged as success and worthy of celebration. 

When instead of beating ourselves up, we show compassion towards this part of us that needed a bit of a push, and honoring it as a valid part of us, the kind of external success thatcan come from it can be nothing short of miraculous. 

How could something we process internallyhave a real impact on our external success?  If you think about it, it isn’t really that surprising.  I’m sure you have heard of those who work very hard and do everything by the books, only to have success elude them again and again.  Or you do all the right things to market yourself, and your friend does exactly the same thing, but one of you achieve success while the other gains no benefit from the marketing efforts.  What these examples show is that the power is not in what you do;rather, there’s another dimension that determines the outcomes.   

3. Trusting Life


Momentum in Life

The level of trust you have towards life also plays a part in determining your success.  When you trust life, knowing it will ultimately keep you safe, no matter what risks you’re taking, you align with the flow of positive outcomes. 

Without this trust, you’d constantly be on the lookout for evidence that people are out to get you; that people can betray you, steal from you, cheat you; and that something will happen to disappoint you or take away what you have.  All these fears and suspicions are bound to make you hold back from expressing yourself and sharing your work freely.  As a result, you end up producing a diluted version of what you’re truly capable of. (Success Quotes About Life)

When you’re looking for evidence, you WILL find it.  Then all that it does is to enable you to say, “See?  I knew it!”  But actually it doesn’t prove anything.  If you’re on the lookout for evidence that people can be helpful and supportive, you will also find it.  You will be right, whichever way you choose. 

5. Prayers and Gratitude


When God is Silent

Staying connected with spirituality through some form of daily practice can make a real difference in the quality of your achievements.  So often we have to fight fierce battles at work, and at the end of a long, hard day, taking time out to let our guard down and connect with something greater than the mundane world brings us back to the place of real power.(Achievement Quotes for Success)

This creates the spaciousness that allows the day’s events to settle and ‘breathe’.  The mistake we tend to make is to declare that all is done and over.  But nothing is truly over and done.  We can still influence how these events unfold by what we do with our experience of them afterwards. 

A seemingly bad turn of events can be transformed.  If you derive some learnings from it, your attitude of being grateful to it as a source of growth will more likely yield a positive outcome.  But if you continue to beat yourself up or resent it for having happened, it will stay as a bad turn of events.  It is you who has the power to make it final or to give it the spaciousness to shift into something better. 

5. The Passion Factor


If you enjoy what you do, you will have far more chances of success.  Whether it’s a corporate job, being a parentor a creative artist, if you’re doing it with love and passion, every task you do will be infused with a high vibration energy.  In contrast, if you’re disliking what you’re doing, even if you work long hours and do more than other people, it would yield little success.(Habits of Success)

Sadly, most people do not like what they do.  Yet they often work long hours, often in a job they don’t like, almost killing themselves with overworking, and living an unhealthy lifestyle due to the resulted stress.  Any success that comes from this way of working is probably hard to come by and unsustainable.     

If you’re doing something you love doing so much that you would do it for free, the energy you infuse into the task will have almost a magical quality that spins more magic to all other areas of your life. In short, it is the intangible stuff that really determines our success. 

Author Bio: Amyra Mah is a visionary writer, addiction therapist and deep soulworker.  She loves creating and sharing innovative, self-empowering tools for the modern day spiritual seeker.  As the author of Magical Possibilities: The Art of Dissolving Unwanted Realities she is dedicated to help people reclaim their true spiritual powers and create rich, magical lives.