8 Methods to Reach Self Actualization

8 Methods to Reach Self Actualization

8 Methods to Reach Self Actualization

Self-actualization represents a concept derived from a Humanistic Psychological theory and specifically from the theory created by Abraham Maslow. Self-actualization according to Maslow, represents Growth of an individual towards the fulfillment of the highest needs, those of meaning in life in particular.

There is so much pressure, especially in today's hyper-competitive and hyper-informed society, for people to be something they are not. But with all that pressure how does someone truly accept themselves holistically and achieve self-actualization at its maximum? Here are ways that will help you achieve self-actualization:

1. Stop Measuring Yourself Against Others


The truth is that self-actualization has nothing to do with people around you.Notice the 'self' part of the term.if you want to self-actualize or at least get on the path of self-actualization,you must stop gauging yourself against others.People's accomplishments whether in education or material things or even beauty standards are not your standards.The only thing that matters is progress, not theirs but yours.

2. Accept Yourself Holistically


It is easy to become unsatisfied with who you are and what you have accomplished. You can not fall into this trap .In order to self-actualize, you must accept your whole self. Your strengths and weaknesses, you must embrace. You cannot downplay your weaknesses and exaggerate your strengths if you hope to get anywhere in life.

3. Be Honest With Yourself


It's progress that made you have to operate from the truth. It's hard, to be honest with one's self but to make genuine progress you must maintain honesty at all times. Know your weaknesses and strengths, your values,what you want from life and others.For a moment be in your own world and make decisions that are not affected by external factors in your society.

4. Understand That You are in Control

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No matter how much influence an external factor has on the people around you, self-actualization remains unaffected.This is because you know who exactly you are and can always adapt.You know exactly what adjustments to make in order to render external factors irrelevant. Understand the power you possess in terms of your outlook is absolutely astonishing.If you are realistic, honest and above all authentic, there is nothing you can't achieve.

5. Don't Stop Growing

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Understand that the journey is never over.There is no such thing as finished product or perfection or endgame. To self -actualize you must never stop growing as a person and as a professional.

6. Ego Defences

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People with ego tend to think of themselves as better than others.They justify every bad action. Learn to take responsibility for your actions and work towards the best version of you. You can't achieve that if you keep making ego based excuses.

7. Be Aware of the Uniqueness of Yourself

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Everyone is unique in their own ways. Identify what makes you unique and be aware of it.

8. Peak Experience

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It's the actual outcome of external occurrences. Imagine the best moments you have had and how they made you feel. Allow yourself to feel every single good emotion that came with those best moments.

Self-actualization does not require any skills or tricks. To reach this level you need to accept who you are. Take the necessary steps to becoming the best version of you that you can be. Stop adapting to society and start being you.