6 Tips For Self Actualization

6 Tips For Self Actualization

6 Tips For Self Actualization

Are you lacking something in your mind and heart? Fortunately, we all are quite fit and fine. Sometimes we need some more strength, more energy more stamina, but not physical, mental. Certainly we need to take care of our body through proper food and nutrients. Have you done something for your mind and soul? It also requires actual strength and health.

I am asking do you take something for your inner strength; self-actualization?
As Abraham Maslow highlighted, we all follow our own paths, it matters only how completely we dedicate ourselves to achieving the personal and psychological greatness that lies at the top. At the top of the self-acceptance pyramid lies the concept of self-actualization.
Here the question again arises from where it will present? So read this page and you will find its sources within yourself only. 

1. Rejoice in your Existence


Have you ever thought you are special? Ok, tell me do you know anyone with the same name, same father, mother’s name with an exact same place and time of birth and other details.

No, it means at the very moment of our birth, we acquired unique existence in this world. Which is matchless, so whenever you think I have nothing to me, think it twice. We all have a unique existence which is not common at all.

2. Celebrate Criticism


Again, criticism has been quite often with everyone. This time does not feel sad about it. Then you must have something which attracts others, your dressing style, unique accessories or the way project yourself.

So whenever you heard some negative complements, this time, actualize it and turn towards positivity.

3. Guard goodness and happiness within you


As we all keep the uniqueness with us, do not lose it. Your happiness and smile are also precious, and it should be mastered by you only. Do not give anyone such right to snatch it. So be happy!

4. Life Changes like Seasons


As every year accompanied with different seasons, in the same manner, our life is also filled with different shades. But whenever we are with the sunshine we enjoy a lot, but whenever it seems us painful. We forget that this is like a season which shall also go. So cherish every season with joy, not with worry.

5. Exist just for Yourself


Ever time we are engaging with some work or another, sometimes for money or for others. Tell me how many activities you perform for yourself only. 

Think about it and perform just for yourself only. Does not matter how good or bad you are as a singer, dancer, painter or cook. That’s for you and only for you, no one can judge it.

6. Count your Blessings and Belongings


Many times in our lives, we count what we don’t have, less than what we already have. 

Our parents, teachers or friends generally criticize our mistakes and make us realize. But have we ever counted our achievements, believe me, rationalize your mistakes is important, but to realize your achievements is more important.

Every person can be judged by himself only. We are our best mentors and teachers, only need to actualize our potential power. So boost yourself with these points and strengthen your self-esteem