4 Important Steps To Self Actualization for a Better You

4 Important Steps To Self Actualization for a Better You

4 Important Steps To Self Actualization for a Better You

Self-Actualization in the words of the man who coined the term, Kurt Goldstein, "It is the tendency to actualize your own individual capabilities in the world". From this description, it can be understood as the state of mind in which you know about yourself and know what you can do and apply those things to better the society you are part of.

Abraham Maslow added on to this idea by adding Self Actualization into his Hierarchy of needs and in fact put it on top of the pyramid. He describes Self-Actualization as "a desire for self-fulfillment, to find your potential and to reach what you could potentially be". It is attaining the desire to become "one's true self".

And it is finding your true self and being able to realize your potential which you should be concerned about in this world of doubts and questions, in a world where you are unsure whether you can do something or not. 

So here's 4 Important Steps To Self Actualization for a Better You.

Step 1.Remember Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs


Maslow intended Self Actualization to be at the peak of the Hierarchy of needs; the hierarchy is organized like steps, and one cannot truly achieve one step without first being satisfied with the previous need.The most basic needs are at the bottom of the pyramid as they are the most fundamental to a person. Under Basic needs which are at the bottom, Physiological needs like food, air and drinks and sleep as the most essential and Safety (shelter and clothes) as being above them.

 Above Safety are psychological needs such love, self-esteem, affection and relationships self-esteem and reputation. At the top of it all is Self Actualization. My point here is that you should not rush self-actualization, it is a process that can and should only be attempted once you have satisfied all other needs below it. Forcing Self Actualization could lead to no or even false results in attempting to realize your true potential, you could end up failing to find happiness, failing to find the true you.

Step 2. Enhance And Develop Yourself


Remember first and foremost that Self Actualization is your own journey, and you should not compare yourself to other's progress. With that out of the way, you should continue to develop yourself and try to be the best you that you can be. Improve yourself by learning from your failures and successes, from learning by the book, and learning from the people around you. Try to find what is good about yourself as well by reflecting and taking the time to understand your strengths and weaknesses and attempt to work on those. Take criticism, learn to smile at your flaws and learn from them to become the best the truest version of yourself.

Step 3. Evaluate


SAPAE, an acronym commonly used in product analysis, can be used to determine the progress you have made in self-actualization. SAPAE stands for Survey, Analyze, Plan, Actions Taken, Evaluate. Keep in mind that this should be carried out in conjunction with the previous step. For those unaware of what SAPAE is here's an example. 

Picture yourself min a grocery store buying fish for dinner, you Survey the store for options and find Tilapia and Milkfish. You Analyze, you try to find out which is better, so you decide on Milkfish. Your Plan is to make Fried Milkfish with sides, so as your Actions Taken you browse the store for additional ingredients and search your phone via wifi for recipes for milkfish. 

You then evaluate if you made a good dinner or not, then use that information for the next time you go out to the grocery. Applying that to Self-Actualization, as you improve yourself, use SAPAE to evaluate if the steps you are taking work towards your ultimate goal of finding the best you. Survey for options, Analyze them, Identify your Plan, what were your Actions Taken, then Evaluate.            

Step 4. Share The Best You

share the best of you

Self-actualization is about finding yourself in this dark world we all call home. Once you have realized yourself, the only logical step remaining would be to give back to society. Share your talents, your strengths, the best of you which you have discovered in the process of Self Actualization.Use Your unlocked potential to help people satisfy their own Maslow's Hierarchy so they can become Self-Actualized themselves. So that they can become the best, the truest version of themselves.

 Self-Actualization is a journey, a trip down the road which a few of us never make it. But it can be very fulfilling to realize that you can be so much more than actually become who you were meant to be. You can find satisfaction, happiness and fulfillment in what you do and in who you are. I hope these tips helped, now share your findings with the world.