10 Characteristics of a Self-actualized Person

10 Characteristics of a Self-actualized Person

10 Characteristics of a Self-actualized Person

Self-actualization needs that a person performs as per his capability. When you maximize your potential and perform to your full potential that is when you can be said as the self-actualized person. Self-actualizing people are highly robust and psychologically creative people. People who can understand self-actualization meaning can do wonders in any situation.

Here we present 10 points which describe the characteristics of a self-actualized person.

1. Perception of Reality

perception of reality

Self actualized people are very comfortable with the reality. They accept the unknown realities of the life and are not afraid of them. In fact, they are attracted towards them.

2. Acceptance


Self actualized people tend to accept their nature without any hitch or complaint in all kind of situations. They do not tend to show too much anxiety or feel ashamed about when confronted with too many odd situations.

3. Naturalness


People who are self actualized are marked with naturalness and simplicity. They do not have a habit of showing any synthetic behavior or strains of any effect.

4. Focus on Problem Solving

focus on problem solving

People with this nature has a strong sense of problem solving. They not only solve problems for themselves but also try to help others in solving their problems and has a strong sense of responsibility.

5. Human Kinship

human kinship

Such people think everyone to be of their own family and are always eager to help any individual. Self actualized people have a deep feeling and concern for all the humans in general.

6. Continuous Appreciation

continuous appreciation

Such people see the simplicity in life and they view the whole world with a recurrent sense of appreciation, thankfulness and wonder. They enjoy and learn from their journey of life and do not think about the destination.

7. Believes in Ethics

believes in ethics

Self actualized people believe in their ethics rather than following the ones dictated by the society at large . They have a strong sense of good and bad, what’s right or what’s wrong. However, their philosophies are very unconventional and out of the box.

8. Limited Circle

limited circle

Though self actualized people like to talk and makes friend with everyone what they tend to have a very limited circle of friends whom they love deeply.

9. Humility and Respect

humility and respect

Self actualized people do not consider any cast system or religion they can be a friend with anyone who has a suitable character irrespective of belief, class, color or race of a person. They treat people humbly and very respectfully.

10. Crowning Experiences

crowning experiences

Self actualized individuals very frequently have experiences of intense wonder, joy, amazement, and delight. When such experiences occur, they feel more strengthened, transformed and renewed. They see everything fresh and lively.

People with self actualization, however, are not 100 percent perfect, they too have their weaknesses. They are also a human by nature and for them, there are also a lot of new learning experiences as they move ahead with their lives. We hope that these 10 simple points towards self actualization will help you to perform to the best of your capability and achieve the good life.