Top 10 Best Personality Traits

Top 10 Best Personality Traits

Top 10 Best Personality Traits

Personality is not something that one is born with. It is developed and acquired. Your personality speaks about you. A good personality is vital to leading a good life. Personality is a sum total of many factors such as parenting, schooling, friends, and upbringing. The below describe 10 most important tips for personality development:

1. Be Yourself

be yourself

Style Yourself

Being yourself is what makes you unique. Some of us tend to imitate others blindly. This is not a great trait. You cannot build strong personality without being original. Be your own self - is the mantra. It is okay to be inspired with the style of famous personalities and adapt these for yourself. But never imitate others at the cost of destroying your own real self.

2. Communication


Overcome Fear while Presentation

To develop your personality, you must develop an active communication with others. Language has four aspects viz. listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Though we use only speaking and listening in normal verbal communication, it is important to master all the four aspects if you want to be perfect. The point is – be really good at the language in which you communicate with others.

3. Good Attitude

good attitude

Positive Attitude

Having a good attitude always makes you behave correctly. Your attitude is basically within you. To be specific, it is within you mind.  Simple way to improving your attitude includes reading good books. Do not read junk books that fill up your mind with trash. This further leads you to develop bad behavior.

4. Social Milieu


Make sure that you don’t get exposed to bad society. “A man is known by the company he keeps” goes the saying.  Have good friends in your circles. Good company has its positive influence, same as bad company having a negative impact. Being good or bad is a choice that is entirely yours. But remember that you can have good personality only when you are good.

5. Physical Fitness

physical fitness

Motivational Fitness Quotes

Not everybody is a body builder. We all have different sizes and strengths. What matters is not this difference. Groom your physique and keep it fit. Your physical fitness has a close bearing with your behavior. Besides, physical fitness is home to good mind and looks.

6. Dressing

dressing to impress

Top Clothing Brands

Dressing matters. A good dressing can make a lot of difference in how you present yourself. It is very important that you dress appropriately for various occasions at various times. Be aware that the way you dress is the way you will be seen.

7. Work on your Weaknesses

work on your weakness

Face your Weakness

Most of us do not even know our own. Once you know your own weakness, half the battle is won. Working on the weaknesses and facing the inner fears goes a long way in strengthening your personality.

8. Sense of Humor


Story Behind the Smiles

Some of us have this by nature. Others do not have it. Sense of humor is a quality that can be acquired. It certainly contributes towards making of a pleasant personality.

9. Character

good character

Positive Thoughts on Daily Activities

When a character is lost, everything is lost. If you have a bad character, you cannot simply have a good personality. Make sure that you do things that develop your character. Cultivate and maintain a clean and spotless character.

10. Inner Strength

inner strength

Develop an inner mental strength. When you are strong internally, you will have confidence in yourself. A strong person draws people towards him. This trait works within and shapes your personality outside.  

These are some of top personality traits that you can acquire and develop to shine your better self. There is always a room for improvement in life.