10+ Best Low Cost Small Business Ideas

10+ Best Low Cost Small Business Ideas

10+ Best Low Cost Small Business Ideas

Nowadays owning a business has become more or less a fashion. It is mainly because you can decide what you want to do, what your actions and plans for development are. Now many people prefer to work from home because they find it comfortable. It is interesting to note that not only big businesses flourish and be successful.

There are many small businesses which will thrive and be profitable. If you have a little money and a strong technical knowledge, you can succeed in the related field. But, you should have a knowledge of what are all the low- cost businesses which you can start and be commercially a great success.

1. Taking Care of Elders

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Taking care of the elders is interesting. It can earn you a few money in that service. These old people may have enough and more money with them. But, there is a dearth of people who will take care of them. You can be an assistant to help the people who are in need of help this way. If they have to pay their utility bill, you can do that. If they have to do grocery shopping, you can help them. It is a great way to be happy.

2. Health Insurance Consultant

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With people becoming more and more health conscious, being a health insurance consultant is an attractive option. All you need to have is some knowledge in insurance and the policies you are selling. It will make you earn a few thousands of dollars as a health insurance consultant.

3. Be a Writer

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It sounds great to be a writer because this field is becoming popular day by day. People who plan to start a new business or one who is looking for updating his website is on the look for one who can write a quality but Copyscape passed contents without errors.

4. Be a Cost Cutter


If you gaze at your mobile bills carefully, you will understand that you are paying what you thought would be paying every month. Instead of scrutinizing the bill  yourself and arguing tooth and nail for the superfluous money you pay for the mobile bills, it would be easy if you approach a cost cutter who would do the job effectively for you. Then, why don't you become a cost cutter yourself? You can earn money out of it.

5. Virtual Bookkeeper

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You can be a remote or virtual bookkeeper and help companies to maintain an accurate and complete accounting records.

6) Travel Planning Representative

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They make your vacation absolutely wonderful. They plan for you the travel package, the place of travel and travel insurance at a low cost.

7. Virtual Assistant

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It would be a good option to assist your manager or a businessman sitting at your home. All is needed is some experience in administrative work, you can do this job perfectly. If you have an experience you can easily open your boss's email and reply to the emails. You can prepare voucher and make payment on behalf of the organization Etc.

8. Cleaning Service

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If you are a person who loves cleaning, you can choose this service to earn some money.Won't it be awesome to earn 30-40 dollars per hour by cleaning?

9. Day Care Services

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Nowadays, the number of women working has increased. So it would be a good idea to start a daycare at home. But make sure that the number of children you take care is really low.

10. Homemade Eatables Services


People have become so health conscious that they almost avoid eating out. So if you make yummy cakes, render those services.

11. Event Planner Services


Life is to enjoy and the people are very much fond of throwing parties. You can be an event planner to make the party enjoyable. You can also plan and make necessary arrangements for the business meetings.

These are the 11 low-cost small business ideas.