The A B C D Personality Types

The A B C D Personality Types

The A B C D Personality Types

All humans have different traits, habits, like and dislikes. In spite of being similar in physique, our requirements and priorities of life are many unfamiliar to each other. It creates different personality types. The great Greek physician Hippocrates integrated four basic temperaments to differentiate types of personality.

According to, four temperaments is a proto-psychological theory that suggests that there are four fundamental personality types, sanguine (optimistic and social), choleric (short-tempered or irritable), melancholic (analytical and quiet), and phlegmatic (relaxed and peaceful).

In fact, there are several limitations of this theory but after much research in this area we can categorize personality in four basic types; is the amalgam of certain findings of type of personalities. 

Type A


Type A which is similar to Sanguine (optimistic and social) personalities are highly motivated, goal setters and competitive, they are driven by their values and targets. They give maximum respect to the importance of time. They don’t devote time to taking rest, and long sleepy nights. They are high-spirited nature and are highly time-concerned. Generally, people who lead businesses are of such category. They try to mention their presence at every stage of life. 

Other attributes of such personalities are problem-solving and being practical. Dealing with odd situations with wit and skill is in their habit. Personality A type of people always keeps on doing one work or another. Wasting time and money on casual things is not their cup of tea. They appear insecure in certain situations. 

They are self-driven and know the importance of goal setting, positive thinking, and motivation. They seem to be impatient, aggressive and rude to different personalities.

Type B 

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Type B personalities are less competitive in comparison to previous. They can be termed as phlegmatic; calm and peaceful. They termed as happy in nature. So they have positive attitudes towards, failures, even have the caliber to tackle negativity of life. They have a relaxed attitude and fun loving personality. Maintaining patience is another quality of type B personality. Even in odd circumstances, where are many chances of being frustrated and so on? They may keep their cool for a long time. They are quite casual in nature, even in complex situations. They have easier to go attitude rather than, being panic to handle stress. 
Instead of being frustrated they choose to go with next possible options. They are social in life and able to maintain long relationships with family and friends. They are sensitive, thoughtful and deep in temperament.

Type C


Type C personalities similar to choleric; short-tempered, tend to be in love with details and can spend a lot of time in calculating accounts. They love to follow the process of work and technical aspects of everything or computer work. These people try to wriggle out of from social interface and gatherings. 

They don’t like to mix up with others easily. Being reserved to human interactions suit them more. As per their personality traits, they communicate less socially. Research, going into details and documentations is on their wish list. 

They love to follow set pattern of life and routine. They can’t take criticism positively, but they are judgmental of others. Being with their own belongings, time and space suit them most.

Type D


Type D which is similar to melancholic; analytical and quiet,   kind of personality stands for depression and dejection. They cover 21 percent of the complete population. They are under most in-secured kind of personality among others. They are highly introverted and like isolation more than others. 

The Little sad event of a day, which may go unnoticed can spoil the whole night for this category of personality. They are prone to shatter so attempt not to disclose their emotions in front of others. Such tendencies lead to stress and frustration.

Even two more chances of cardiac diseases in comparison with other types of personality. Research says being sad and stressful for a long time create symptoms of heart diseases.

Although above-mentioned types of personality are the most popular one. But still, any person is not confined to one category only.