How to Deduce the Personality of Someone you just Met

How to Deduce the Personality of Someone you just Met

How to Deduce the Personality of Someone you just Met

It is said that never judge a book by its cover. Similarly with people, covers are not important. Certain personality quirks and intimate details are given away by our appearance. We should know how to interpret them. This is not a surety but only a possibility. Here are the ways to deduce the personality of someone you have just met.

1. Shoes


According to science, the soled husks that cover a stranger’s feet can reveal details about how do they deal with other people. A lot of personal information like your potential insecurity or your clingy behaviour in a close relationship can be revealed from your shoes. Anxious and clingy people wear new and well-maintained footwear to ease their nerves. People wearing practical shoes are very agreeable. Calm, collected people do not wear shoes which look uncomfortable. Aggressive people wear ankle boots without any logical explanation. Making a shoe purchase can reveal your personality type to the whole world.

2. Candy loving people



The people who eat candy are honest, funny, helpful, nice, sweet etc. The person who prefers candy is more likely to be agreeable and do good deeds because they are just nicer than the people who prefer potato chips over chocolates at the snack time. Munching on a candy can turn a person to a really nice one. 

3. Cradling the Baby in the Right Arm


Some mothers suffer from postnatal depression after having a baby. It is a lot of stress both mentally and physically and while trying to sleep at night, a little shriek escapes your mouth. Normally the hand used for cradling a baby is the left one regardless of which hand you are using for doing other stuff. Scientists when tried to find out the reason came to the conclusion that stressed out and depressed mothers usually cradle their children in right arms as compared to healthy and happy moms. 

4. Bully Faced People

bully faced

People with wide cheekbones are less trustworthy. A bully-faced guy normally bangs at every chick in school and makes others feel like a loser. But in certain cases, bully-faced people are guaranteed to be nicer than anyone else if they are in your team. These people are not mindlessly cruel but are competitive. Men with bully faces risk their personal assets for the group’s overall results and they are altruistic as well.

If a competitive kind of situation is going on these people are more productive, driven, co-operative and sacrifice their own well-being for others. Even in the highest walks of life, these people drive others into achievement and they pour their time and dedication to their close group of friends and colleagues. 

5. Face pattern

face pattern

Symmetrical faces are ultimate in beauty. Symmetrical people are very rich. The weird-looking person if you run into them are those who lead you into war and their leadership skills are quite good. People with symmetrical faces have privileged childhood and they have a greater chance of becoming rich. The easiest road to beauty is a lot of money.

The asymmetrical people neither have trusted funds or a good smile to depend upon. Its their guts and personality which matter. These people become the most effective leaders while people think they can do nothing. Symmetrical people do not face any struggle due to their looks and wallet. Asymmetrical person has the tool of becoming a leader.  Don’t immediately put an asymmetrical person in charge of a company as he is not 'Winston Churchill'.

So, I hope that now if you meet someone for the first time and would like to judge their personality, these tips will prove helpful for you to judge people in the near future.