Things that can Make Great Employees Quit

Things that can Make Great Employees Quit

Things that can Make Great Employees Quit

Recently, a survey says that an employee spends 4.6 years in a company usually. If that valuable employee leaves the company suddenly, it comes as a surprise because finding a good employee is very tough nowadays. The most important thing is to keep your employees together and it's not very tough thing to do. Managers can easily avoid these precious lose by maintaining little things.

Why people leave

why people leave

Mostly managers think, employees leave a company for better opportunity. All the time it's not true. A survey found that 89% employees quiet their job for other reasons and not for money. Sometimes people leave for poor management system or for over working environment. Managers always want their employees to do over time. They don't even want to know about the condition about the employee. Not only that, after doing such a heard work no career growth is found.

So people get disappointed which ultimately leads them to leave the company. Everyone has a family. Everyone wants to spend quality time with them after doing lots of hard work all day. But for management pressure they can not even return home on time which at the end of the day turns into disappointment.

Company's loss

company loss

While the best employee leaves the company, it costs company's money and resources so at the end of the day you need to understand the reason behind it to prevent the best employee's departure.



The most common reason of leaving a company is over working. Nothing burns people much than that. So you need to minimize your expectations or you need to know when and where your expectations has already crossed the limit. Talented or best employees get bigger work load as if they are getting punished for doing good works.

A research from Stanford shows that if your workweeks exceed 50 hours your productivity will decrease per hour sharply. So bosses at first need to realize that people won't stay with them, if their jobs suffocates them. If you simply increase the work load just because they are talented without changing things, they will always look for a better opportunity or what they deserves.

Employees don't get Appreciation for Their Contribution

emplyoyee contribution

People don't get recognition for their good job. If an employee is trying hard and soul to give his best, employer should recognize it and reward him for that because these hard working, honest employees are the backbone of a company.

People's Skills Should be Used Properly


Management should listen and train them so that they can use their skills in their work. Sometimes management thinks that best employees don't need any attention as they always do their work on time. Actually, this is a wrong perception. Best employees are always eagerly wait for a feed back to know where they are lacking so that nobody can bit them.

No Growth or Opportunity

no growth or opportunity

Try to help them to set a roper career goal. Without a goal or an ambition employees get bore with their job. Try to discuss with them in regular intervals. In this way you can built employer employee relationship. You should create a fair atmosphere in your company so that your employees can trust you. A wrong person should not be promoted instead of a right person or a right person should get the promotion on a right time.

So now, it is understood that managers has a lot of influence to their employees. Sometimes it is heard that employees are not leaving company but the managers. So treat them like a human being and not like a machine so that they can respect you, stay in your company for years and can give their best.