Two Words that is Keeping you from Success

Two Words that is Keeping you from Success

Two Words that is Keeping you from Success

Who does not like to be successful in life? Well, probably the answer to this question in negative for everyone as each person want to be successful in life and that is also with excellence. However, there are a few hurdles in the path of the success and the biggest hurdle is the thinking of self. The negative thoughts can easily break one’s dreams and confidence to achieve something. If you are not able to achieve success, you should closely watch what you are talking. Your acts, thinking and process must match to achieve success and a little loophole in this whole process can also destroy your dream. What words you use when you describe your ideas and feelings can have a huge impact on your overall life. If you are using negative words, it will trigger negative emotions and keep you far away from success. On the other hand, if you try to replace those negative words with positive words, you can see a lot of changes in yourself which will lead to success.

The Words

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You must understand that the words you use, especially when you talk about yourself are not just ordinary things. It means a lot and is a reflection of the state of your mind. If you have a positive attitude in life and say that “I am doing well in my career “, the mind will start to believe what you say and you will develop a positive attitude. You will then start behaving with more confidence which will eventually bring you closer to success. On the other hand, if you have some self-doubt in your mind and express feelings like “What if.I don't do well in my career”, your mind will start working in this direction and create more fear and anxiety in your life. It is ultimately the words that you use which will make a huge difference between success and failure. If you analyze carefully, the two most important words that keep most people away from success is “What if” Believe it or not, these two words, “What if” have destroyed more people in this world than you can ever imagine.

The Impact

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Once you start using these two words regularly in your life, you will fall into the eternal trap of self-doubt and anxiety. It will also shake your confidence and even though you have the highest level of skill set and resources, these two words will not allow you to come out with success. To be successful, one must conquer oneself before moving ahead with the plan of getting success in the field.

Your mind will trick you into using them more often and push into deep into trouble. If at all you want to succeed in your life, avoid using these sentences like “What if.I fail in my life”, “What if... the economy gets bad and I lose my job”. You have to understand that there is no end to this kind of thinking and you can get trapped in this logic forever. If things have to go wrong, they will go wrong. But there is no point in worrying about every possible disaster that can happen in the world. The next time, you choose to use these words, remember the impact they can create on your mind.