Is Sitting New Smoking?

Is Sitting New Smoking?

Is Sitting New Smoking?

Are you having a hard day at work? Are you feeling overstressed and thinking about sitting down for a while so you can relax? Well, you should probably think twice about that. Sitting for long hours may be boring, but what is more, it can kill you in the end.

Just like smoking, sitting is silent, slow killer; changing the way your body works, slowing it down bit by bit, and stealing years of your life without you even noticing.

Sitting Disease

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Yes, there is an actual term ‘sitting disease’ coined by scientists to describe the state many grown up, working people are in these days. Starting from early mornings, we are always sitting: we sit in our car while we drive to work, then we walk a short distance (the shorter the better) to the office where we sit for six or seven hours more, walk to our car and slowly drive home (and get stuck in traffic jam probably). What is more, after we finally get home, exhausted from hours of hard work and long trip home, we sit in front of the TV until it’s time for bed. Do you see a pattern here?

Health Problems

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Sitting disease carries many health problems, but people don’t always link them with the fact that they spend hours sitting. A research conducted a few years back has managed to link sitting for a long time with a significant number of health concerns. This means that obesity and back pain are not the only side effects: there is a whole cluster of conditions referred to as metabolic syndrome. In addition to bad posture and gaining weight, a person suffering from sitting disease will also suffer from high blood sugar, increased blood pressure, through-the-roof cholesterol levels, and excess body fat around the waist. Not to mention that too much sitting inevitably increases the risk of heart condition and several types of cancer.

Change The Odds

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Starting to change your routine will be the most difficult step, but everything gets easier from there. To being with, set a timer and every hour or so get up and move around the office, walk down the hall, and stretch. If you have a chance, bring a self balancing scooter and use it as a useful and fun activity in your office. When going out to grab a lunch, eat while standing; walk while making a phone call, and use the stairs for at least a floor or two.

Sitting Is The New Smoking


For years people didn’t notice just how dangerous smoking was, and once scientists started researching, it was revealed just how risky and harmful for our bodies it actually is. Information on how dangerous long sitting hours are were obtained in similar way, slowly at first, but with equally alarming results. There is no room for panic, however, since sitting habit is way easier to change than smoking habit, but if you recognize some of the symptoms you should be alarmed and start making changes in your routine soon. Don’t sit yourself to death; just walk away from that unhealthy way of life.


Laziness is easy, we all like to spend time doing ‘nothing’: staying in bed, or sitting on a comfortable couch covered with soft blankets, watching our favourite TV shows and movies. However, sometimes it’s not how comfortable but how healthy you want to be for many years to come. Work out often, walk, make short breaks while sitting in your office, and your body will be grateful for your efforts to stay nimble and healthy.