How to Improve Your Memory?

How to Improve Your Memory?

How to Improve Your Memory?

People always try to learn new things to improve their knowledge. Be it a language or a new skill, we will gain advantage from the acquired new skill. To learn a new skill takes a long time. But time is a limited resource. It is not necessary that you should devote all your time to learning a new skill. Instead, we should spend the time productively.

You can compare your brain with a bucket. Your brain can be either like a bucket without holes or the one with holes. Either your brain can store and retain all we learn or drain out all we have learned. As said earlier, we can't increase the time we learn. But can increase the capacity of our brain.

It is quite common for us to forget certain things which we captured through our brains. Certainly, this should not be construed as a negative statement.  This is how our brain has been designed. Everyone is not gifted with IQ capable of grasping everything. It is quite interesting to know that our brain can absorb only as low as 10% from the lectures our professors give in our class and 20% of the reading you do from the books.

It is believed that when we put all the things we learned into practice we remember 75% and we absorb 90% of what we learn when we teach others. This is known as learning pyramid. Instead of passive methods we should try participatory methods. This will help us to remember better.

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You should focus on the method of learning and not gobbling up all the knowledge you  can acquire. If you really want to learn how to speak a new language you should first mingle up with people who know that language. If you want to stay fit it is not necessary that you should watch videos which teach you how to learn physical exercises. On the contrary, if you have to get an effective trainer who will teach you, it would be great!

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Many times we have told excuse to ourselves for not doing something. We can ask for an excuse to ourselves for not using an opportunity to earn money. But we can't ask for an excuse to make use of time. Within the limited time available, only those who do wonders survive. It is the effectiveness instead of efficiency that matters.

Let us imagine a person spends a couple of hours on learning a computer program and his friend takes around 4 hours to learn, the person who takes in 90% of what is taught fares better.In other words, it is not the time that matters, the capacity to understand and remember things what matters. We have found out newer ways for effective learning. 

In short, the best way to improve memory is to find out new and effective ways for efficacious learning. It is said that knowledge is wealth. So we have to concentrate more on the method of learning. The more we remember the better.