9 Self Care Ideas for When You Are Feeling Low

9 Self Care Ideas for When You Are Feeling Low

9 Self Care Ideas for When You Are Feeling Low

Modern life is full of stress, distress, tension & frustration. Success is chased by everybody & if you can’t attain it, nobody can stop feeling you low or lack of confidence & depressed. That is why depression has become a common feature of today’s life. But the spirit of life says not to lose the energy & hope to gain or regain success to create or come back to the normal life or the success point.

Here are ten self care guide lines to follow when you are feeling low.

1. Open all the Doors & Windows & Take a Long Breath 


As a long breath causes a sense of relaxation out of stress & tension.

2. Do Some Creative Works 

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 Drawing, painting, cooking, any craft or netting work.  Creativity in a person restores the enthusiasm & self-confidence to come out of the low feelings.

3. Have Some Hot Drinks Like Tea or Coffee

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The chemicals in tea & coffee naturally provide energy to restart toil, but the hotness spread an enthusiasm & positivity in the mind. So try a cup of hot drinks whether it is tea-coffee or milk-hot chocolate when the time drags you low.

4. You can Also Practice Some Yoga or Exercise


Yoga like Padmasana, Bhujangasana or some simple freehand exercises provides some physical energy to redo the undone works as we know the body & mind are inter related. If one is charged, the other will also be charged with positive energy.

5. Go for a Walk when your Mind is Down

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Might be the atmosphere you are in, is not suitable for recovering the negative feelings from the mind. The change in the atmosphere may work positively. It is necessary to overcome the mental hindrance to feeling enthusiastic.

6. Practice Mediation Every Day


If you practice meditation every day, it is not that the stress or distress will not come in your life, but it will provide the strength to fight the negative forces in life. As a result of the under confidence, stress, tension in mark the low feelings in mind will not be able to affect you to that extent.

7. Listening to Soft Music


This is another way to overcome the low feelings. Listen to any soft music of your favorite musician in an open low light atmosphere.

8. You can Go for a Makeover


When you feel everything is going low & against you. Change in look or betterment in look sometimes gives positive energy to overcome the negativity. Facial, massage all these activities make you feel different from the situation which makes you feel depressed.

9. You can Even Go Shopping


When you are feeling low. You can recollect the things you were planning to buy at the time of your last shopping. Without thinking of expenditure, plan for shopping & see the magic.

It is said that all the negativity can be demolished with the positive force in the universe. So any positive & creative activity can be the way to come off the low feelings of under confidence.


Sometimes if the low feeling or the trauma is too intense, you can plan for a tour in a touch of nature. It is said nature reveals the bare beauty of the world which is far different from the hypocrisy of social world. The touch of natural may charge the source of energy in mind to uproot the negative feelings.