Top 10 Small Business Ideas for 2017

Top 10 Small Business Ideas for 2017

Top 10 Small Business Ideas for 2017

Many big businesses started in a small way and scaled up their operations to become big and successful. However, with newer technologies and processes emerging, new opportunities for small businesses have also emerged. Environmental concerns, the growth of information technology, the internet, and automation has thrown up new and innovative ways to do business for new entrepreneurs with relatively less investment.

Here are the top 10 small business ideas to pursue today

1. Profit from Waste

profit from waste

Recycling waste plastic, paper, cloth, or metals and making useful products can be a profitable venture. Products made from recycled materials have a good niche market worldwide and can be sold through e-commerce sites and by setting up a Facebook store.

2. Social Media and SEO Management

seo business

Many small businesses require the support of a service provider who can provide online, digital marketing support that is affordable too. A small team of content writers, designers, visualizers, creative directors, and marketing domain experts can provide good support to small businesses.

3. Organic Farming

organic farming

Setting up of greenhouses and promoting organic farming and bio-manure production have the potential for high growth in view of dwindling spaces in urban areas and need to increase productivity in farming. Innovative ways of watering and applying manure can be provided to clients.

4. Real Estate Services

real estate services

Real Estate – apartment buying and selling, rental services and renovation activities continue to be in good demand and are suitable for small businesses. These do not require huge infrastructural investments and depend on networking and online promotions.

5. E-Commerce

e commerce business

With more people choosing to buy online, there are new opportunities to sell products online- like processed food, spices, cooked food, fruits, or any other products that are not available from major e-commerce players.

6. Car Spa services

car spa services

With more and more automobiles being sold across the world, there is an increasing opportunity for new high-tech automatic cleaning service providers to thrive. Interior cleaning, shampooing, vacuuming services are in good demand from passenger car users. The speed and quality of service offered by car spas make it attractive for automobile owners.

7. Career Counseling

career counseling

Students are eager to pursue courses that provide an enriching career whether in their own country or abroad. Parents and students are on the lookout for support in getting admission, Visa, and training support for IELTS exams in leading universities or colleges. The success of the venture would depend on solid tie-ups with universities, quality of student services, and training provided. The quality of counseling provided based on the skill sets and ambitions of the prospective candidates have a great bearing on sustaining this business.

8. Cafés

cafes business

With more disposable income, more people are eating out not only full meals but also from coffee bars, snack bars, and small outlets. Coffee, desserts, ice cream, fruit juices, tea, and other snack foods are sought after by people, especially on the weekends. Location, menu, service quality and ambiance have a great impact on the success of this business.

9. Event Management

event management

Whether it is a wedding, a musical program, a product launch, fashion shows, or a road show, event managers have all the expertise and ideas to make an event a big success. The investment in this business is more creative and organizational capabilities. The business involves hiring talented musicians, singers, stage designers, and organizing materials and resources depending on the requirements of clients.

10. Fitness

fitness business

With rising health awareness, more and more people are now focused on improving their health and fitness. Fitness gyms have new opportunities to attract health conscious people who are stressed out due to daily work, business, and family pressures. Zumba, aerobics, Pilates, Yoga- are all being preferred by busy executives as a means to burn calories and stay in shape.