Secret Hacks into Thoughts That Cause you to Overeat

Secret Hacks into Thoughts That Cause you to Overeat

Secret Hacks into Thoughts That Cause you to Overeat

Sometimes too many emotions lead to overeating that serves as the reason for obesity giving rise to other health problems. It depends on various factors such as place, timing, people and finally intensity of emotion. 

Every person faces ups and downs in life, and you have to handle them in the right way ensuring you don’t overeat due to emotional distress.

Emotional cannot be pacified with eating though at that moment it feels better to munching more foods. In this respect, to avoid overeating you need to prepare a diet chart following which you can get rid of such difficulties. The existential crisis also plays here an important role affecting your emotions that you only can control.

Factors to Consider

stress eating

You may be sad due to a breakup that increases your carvings for food. You always feel the urge to eat something like ice-creams or cold drinks. Especially you would want to have something fatty or sugary as the secretion of serotonin brings in that good feel inside your body. 

Your brain would get a nice feel and every time would want to have that screwing up during your work. So, it’s very natural to gain extra calories, and this would lead to increase in your body weight, and you would lose confidence.


man eating spaghetti foods make you hungrier

Feeling excessive stressed? You would then feel the urge to consume alcohol that’s the worst drink making your bulky. If it’s not alcohol, then you would choose some calorie rich foods or drinks that would give you that calmness for which your body and brain is eagerly waiting.

 The high cortisol level is the main culprit here that enters your body because of tremendous chronic stress. 

These foods would give you a good feel for some time after having a large plate of pasta, but it would return soon, and you would suffer from chronic stress. So, it’s better to find some other reducing stress rather than eating too much that’s not at all good for health.

Some Other Things


Eating similar foods can take you back to those happy moments you spent with your friends. So, it helps you to connect quickly to the memories and you can relate them feeling happy that’s the most important features of foods. You can feel the same smell and flavor, and you would again enjoy having such foods along with gaining weight that comes out as the negative thing may be you don’t notice.

Spending a lazy Sunday afternoon? You would love to have some ice cream. Also, you can grab some cookies or large packets of chips while watching television or movies. Therefore, you are consuming heavy calories, which would lead to gain unwanted body weight and even wasting some valuable time. There is no good reason to get those extra calories rather you can do something else to divert your mind from having the foods full of calories.


girl in red eating cookies

Going out for an evening party with your friends? Again there are lots of chances you would have foods with high calories. Even you can have some alcohol that another bad thing to reduce stress but to gain weight. Hence, you should avoid unsafe communities and friends and always try to go with such a person who would take care of your health.


Overall, you can get a clear view about how emotion plays an important role into your thoughts and enhances your cravings for calorie rich foods. It’s your responsibility to avoid such bad foods that would help you to stay fit and fine eliminating existential crisis.