How to Manage your Thoughts, Feelings, and Behavior

How to Manage your Thoughts, Feelings, and Behavior

How to Manage your Thoughts, Feelings, and Behavior

If you want to lead a joyous and happy life, then you will have to control your thoughts, feelings, and behavior. If you can manage those things, you can easily achieve your goals and attain success in your life. For having this standard of control, you require learning about the patterns which are totally based on the science behind your thoughts and emotions and how to handle them with care.

If you know exactly how your mind works, then you can be deliberate to influence your feeling and thinking patterns. That time, you can be able to evaluate the reality far more clearly, improve your capability to achieve your ultimate goals and make the best possible decisions also.

How your Mind Works


Automatically, anyone’s mind feels like an organized whole. You notice yourself as rational and intentional thinkers. Though, mental science research opines that in reality, the intentional portion of your mind is equal to the little rider who is on top of a giant elephant of intuitions and emotions. People have two thinking system. They are voluntary system and autopilot system.

Function of two Different Systems

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The autopilot system is something which corresponds to your intuitions and emotions. It's mental procedures take place in the amygdala and the other portions of your brain that was developed first in your evolution. This particular system guides your daily habits, helps you in making quick decisions and reacts promptly to death situations and dangerous life through fight or flight, freeze stress response.

The intentional system is something which reflects your rational thinking and revolves around prefrontal cortex. Recent research shows that it developed as humans began to live in the larger social groups. This particular thought system helps you to handle difficult mental activities like managing a group and individual relationships, probabilistic thinking and learning new facts along with patterns of behavior and thinking at the same time.

The autopilot system needs no sensible effort to function, but the intentional system takes careful effort even to turn on. Moreover, it is quite mentally tiring too. Well, luckily with appropriate training and enough motivation, the intentional system can easily turn on in some situation where the automatic system is likely to make mistakes, particularly the costly ones.

Comparison Between the Two


The automatic system is just like a huge elephant. It is more predominant and aggressive. Human emotions can sometimes overpower his or her rational thinking. Additionally, habits and intuitions control the major portion of anyone’s lives which one spends on autopilot mode. But that is not the bad thing by any means since it will be mentally tiring to think deliberately about every decision and action.

On the other side, the intentional system is just like the elephant rider. You can able to guide the elephant purposely to go towards the direction that matches well that of your exact goals.

So the elephant part is unwieldy and huge. It is slow to change and turn, and it flights at threats. Though you can easily train the elephant. The rider can be an elephant teller. One can easily utilize the intentional system to alter one’s automatic feeling, thinking and behavior patterns. Thus, one will become a master in taking charge of one’s life and reaching the goals.


Hope this article fill you with optimism. Now you can utilize these methods to manage your thoughts, feeling, and behavior.