5 Ways your Body Language Show your Discomfort

5 Ways your Body Language Show your Discomfort

5 Ways your Body Language Show your Discomfort

Body language can convey the emotions in the best possible manner. The entire body is involved in hiding or showing your mental state of mind. Key signals of your emotions can be stated by your bodily gestures. It is also an ancient form of communication, which helps to express your emotions. Body gestures sometimes have a greater impact than verbal communication. Discomfort and comfort signals both can be conveyed by body gestures.

1. Very Little Eye Contact

eye contact

 It is difficult to maintain eye contact all the time but eye contact can tell the comfort level of the person. Suppose you are not comfortable with someone, you will avoid his eye contact and look everywhere else, but not the person interacting with you. Sometimes, if a person is telling lies or has done something wrong, he will not look into your eyes or he is not interested in you, as he is not confident in facing you. So eye contact is a common body gesture of discomfort.

2. Rubbing or Touching Face

face rubbing

 There are nerve endings in our face when sometimes we puff out our cheeks and exhale to calm down ourselves. When in stress or tension, people usually rub their forehead, play with their hair or rub their eyes. All these behaviors depict the problems or stress which a person is undergoing. Rubbing neck lowers our heart rate and provides comfort. When people are not comfortable, they unconsciously touch their necks as these nerves activate and help them to calm down.

3. Shuffling Feet

stamping feet

It is another common body gesture depicting wrath, anger and sometimes itching sensation also. This body language is sometimes used to scare someone, making the person realize that he is more powerful than his opponent.

4. Making Faces

making faces

Different gestures of the face denote that either the person is hungry, or he is not fond of the dish served to him, but has to finish it by all means. It sometimes is also done to tease someone or a person who is not of his liking. When someone is in pain, he makes faces to show the severity of the pain he is going through. It is one of the most common gestures followed by most of the people.

5. Talking too Much

talking too much

It can be seen that people just don’t stop talking when they are in an uncomfortable situation or nervous. In this case, sometimes, they give you information without even the need for you to acknowledge it. Interrupting with hands is another feature which is done when one is not interested or wants to interject. Leg rubbing, feet pointed away are some other gestures denoting discomfort.

Body language is the language of the body. It not only shows emotions through the face but literally it is just the tip of the iceberg. The whole body depicts discomfort signals along with comfort signals which help us to manage interactions. So it is a way, sometimes to quickly take action and fix the situation and get the conversation back on track, by giving comfortable signals to a person who is feeling uncomfortable.