30 Great Things to do Before You’re 30

30 Great Things to do Before You’re 30

30 Great Things to do Before You’re 30

You should do few things in life for sure before you are 30. Some things are so good and enlightening that are not to be missed.

1. Travel

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One should travel to see the whole world to the extent as much as you can as your energy level becomes low when you are 30.

2. Go Skydiving

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You must try skydiving once in your lifetime to enjoy the breathtaking diving in the sky.

3. Write a Book

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You must strive to write a book once in a life time by picking any story of your interest and put all the emotions writing that particular story because you never know when you will get time later in your life.

4. Travel Abroad to Attend the Festival of your choice

to do 4

Attend your most favorite festival in whole world to have lifetime fun and to end up your excitement.

5. Swim Nude at Sunrise

to do 5

Try doing nude swim at sunset to experience a new thing.

6. Spend all your Money on Something Superfluous

to do 7

Spend all the money you have earned on something superfluous that gives you happiness from inside.

7. Take a Creative Class or an Art Class

to do 6

One should join his favorite hobby class to enhance his skills.

8. Hike a Snowy Mountain

to do 8

Try hiking a snowy mountain and experience the adventure.

9. Yoga and a Health Retreat

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Maintaining your health should be top most priority so one should go and join yoga.

10. Go on a Stupendous Back-roads Road Trip

to do 10

You should go on a stupendous road trips to enjoy adventure and fun in your life.

11. Volunteer

to do 11

Volunteering is giving services for no profit gain. It is intended to promote goodness and serve people.

12. Meditate

to do 9

Meditation gives a list of benefits that are endless and it costs you just a small amount of time each day. You must meditate to see a change in yourself.

13. Go Horse-riding

to do 13

You must try going to a horse riding and have an exciting ride.

14. Learn a New Language

to do 14

Learning a new language is fun in itself as you can express your favorite words in other language too and can impress others.

15. Sea Diving

to do 15

It’s an adventurous and exciting experience where you can dive deep down the ocean and feel the water animal world from so close.

16. Go to a Massive Party Where you don’t Know Anyone

to do 16 

You must have heard about any massive party you want to attend so just go and have a great time with new people and explore.

17. Stargaze the Whole Night

to do 17

Sit some free night and gaze at the stars for the whole night and you will surely love that.

18. Sing at a Karaoke Night

to do 18

You must sing at a karaoke night forgetting all your fear and terrible voice and audience.

19. Explore a Thing that you are Scared of the Most

to do 19

Once in a lifetime, you must explore a thing from which you are scared off the most to let your fear go off.

20. Try and Give a Speech in Front of an Audience

to do 20

Give a speech in front of the audience and feel the confidence and proud in yourself.

21. Try to be in contact again with someone who touched your life once ever in your life 

to do 21

Get in touch with the people you have lost your contact with and give a chance to love you again.

22. Stay Without a Technology for One Full Week

to do 22

Try to stay away of the mobile or laptop if you are in a habit of using daily and you will feel the lightness in your mind.

23. Go for a Great Big Dinner with Your Favorite People

to do 23

Celebrate a normal day with your favorite people and dine out with them.

24. Learn a New Instrument you Love

to do 24

Learning a new instrument is so exciting thing to do in your life.

25. Get Inspired by Nature

to do 25

Nature enlightens your mood and freshens up your inner being.

26. Do the Something Special for Someone you Love

to do 26

Doing a special thing for someone special is really a loving thing to make your loved one feel happy.

27. Do Something Really Beautiful Just for Yourself

to do 27

Give yourself equal importance and do something really beautiful for yourself.

28. Workout your Greatest Dream and Go for It

to do 28

Your dream is everything you should aim at.

29. Buy a Home

to do 29

You must buy a property of your own money once in a life which can make you really proud of yourself.

30. Remove Unnecessary Rules from Your Life

to do 30

You should not follow excess of rules in your life as it makes life complicated.