20 Ways of Dealing With Chronic Existential Crisis

20 Ways of Dealing With Chronic Existential Crisis

20 Ways of Dealing With Chronic Existential Crisis

According to studies chronic existential crisis usually happens to everyone. It’s basically the contemplating of what life really is? It’s hard for them to make sense of the world. For the young minds, it’s facing the reality of life.

But there’s always a way to get out of something, and so there are ways to deal with existential crisis too, here is some of it.

1. Know That it is a Common Problem

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If you are wondering that you are the only one with this problem, then you are wrong, as more people around you deal with the even worse existential condition than you.

2. Don’t Compare Yourself to Another

dont copmare

Everyone is different from each other, so it’s not a point of comparing yourself to anyone else.

3. Never be Afraid of Failure

dont afraid

Failure makes great individual and with failure you learn the biggest secrets of life so never be afraid of it.

4. Make Your Own Rules

make ur own rules

It’s your life, then why you always be asking for advice all the time from other people. It’s high time for you to take control of your own life now.

5. Enjoy the Little Things

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The crisis basically exists when you consider little things as baseless, but you need to know that these little things give us big happiness.

6. Give Voice to Your Problems

tell problems

Some sing, some paint and some write. But you need to find a medium through which you can voice to your issues.

7. Distract Yourself

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Other then contemplating and depressing yourself to find that ultimate meaning of life, you could rather distract yourself by spending more time in doing things you actually like.

8. Advise Yourself

self advice

When it comes to giving advice to someone else, you become a master at that. But when it’s you who need it, then you can’t come up with any so do it for yourself this time.

9. Drink Water

drinking water

Other than making your skin glow, water will also help you feel a little better and hydrated.

10. Do not Disrespect Anyone

dont disrespect

Getting all the frustration out on someone else is not a fair idea, do not ever disrespect the people you care about.

11. Share Your Problems

share your problems

It’s never a bad thing to share what's going in your mind, but always share it with a compassionate adult being rather than an abusive one.

12. Meditate

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Meditation is necessary to maintain the peace of your mind which is being disrupted from all the irrelevant hustle it’s going through.

13. Avoid Overthinking After Midnight

over thinking

Many people fall into the trap during midnight and starts wondering about all the bad things, so avoid it completely.

14. Learn to Laugh at Yourself

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Laughing at others is easy, but the one who laughs at his own mistakes is a true winner.

15. Smoking and Drinking is Not the Answer

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Shifting to these harmful elements may help you temporarily, though in the long run can only cause harm.

16. Get at the Root of the Issue

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You can’t solve your problem until you find the cause only then can you find an appropriate solution.

17. Clean your Limbs

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It’s been said that cleaning limbs can help you relieve anxiety and stress.

18. Counts all the Good Things in Life

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Never forget to do this while you are stressed

19. You Matter

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Everyone has a role to play in this universe and so do you.

20. Never Lose Hope

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And last but not the least advice is never to lose hope of having a better life.

I hope these ways will make your day and don’t worry because tomorrow is another day.