People Tend to Judge Only by Outer Appearances, Why?

People Tend to Judge Only by Outer Appearances, Why?

People Tend to Judge Only by Outer Appearances, Why?

As we are expanding the parameters of our knowledge, we tend to be instinctive about various things. But when relying only on our instincts, we often get judgmental or prejudiced towards certain situations or people. This attitude equals to the mistake of judging a book by its cover. In order to know a person, we need to look beyond the outer appearance and try to reach the man beneath, the law of attraction works that way, really. 

Following are the advices for shaping a better understanding of people around you:

1. Finding the Essence

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If the intention of the concerned inclines towards knowing the other person, then the focus should be on understanding his character, nature or attitude. Such intrinsic details regarding a person cannot be estimated if we don’t look inside him. No matter one may appear from outside, it matters little when the foundation of a relationship is to be generated. Hence, the need is to penetrate the layers and look for the real person.   

2. Inner Beauty

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No two people are similar in their dealings with other people. Some might be sweet on the face but malicious within. But, some might be curt on the outer but good intentional from the inside. Hence, the person who only does an outer reading of others will never be able to find the core of a person. For reaching the inner beauty that a person might be holding, we need to attempt an in depth analysis of the nature of the person. Only then, we may comprehend the inner beauty lying within an overtly stiff personality.

3. Alternate Understanding

alternate understanding

Many a times we have a false understanding of a person and may not like him and his ideas. But, when we try to know a person by spending time with him, communicating with him and analyzing him, we come face to face with an alternate reality of the person which breaks us free from our prejudices view.

4.Strong Relationship

strong relationship

If we carry a biased view towards someone, it not only inhibits our deeper understanding of the person but also hinders the development of a healthy relationship. A judgment based on outer appearance holds the relationship on the surface and doesn’t let it penetrate in our lives. This attitude forces us to limit ourselves also, and we are unable to open up in front of the other person. It also leads to the formation of a false layer beyond which we are unable to view the merits or demerits of the other person.

5. Further Damage

further damage

If we retain the habit of forming an opinion of the person from the outside, the habit spreads on to our entire thinking process. With time, we not only look at people superficially but an understanding of other aspects too seems to stand on the surface. It affects our entire personality and the way we perceive situations. It hence causes damage to our mindset and our ability to look beyond the visible.

Nobody can be completely conceived by just a look. Instincts do matter and looks do count in warning us against certain people or even making us feel attracted. But, at some level, a curiosity and wish to know the person intently must be encouraged, to inculcate imprints of the essence of people rather than their shadow.