How is Your Anxiety Affecting your Intelligence

How is Your Anxiety Affecting your Intelligence

How is Your Anxiety Affecting your Intelligence

Intelligence level varies in different people. There are certain factors which makes you decide your IQ level. The recent studies have discovered the fact that the anxiety level in a person affects the level of intelligence.

High Sensitivity

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If you are highly sensitive in all the things around you then it is a clue that you have high level of intelligence as well. The people who can smell, taste, hear things from far away areas are considered to be highly sensitive and these are the people whose mind works like a bolt. They can sense everything in a better way and hence come into conclusions in a better way as well.

Ability to Detect Suspicion

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The people who have high anxiety issues are the ones who can detect the danger in the air. There are people who can sense danger prior than others. This is extremely beneficial. They can sense suspicious things before they happen.

Hyper Self Aware

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This is one of the beneficial factors of being highly anxious. They are always hyper self aware. This is the fact that they always alert and ready for any situation. This is due to the high level of intelligence in them.

An Innovative Mind

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The intelligent people have one most common factor and i.e. a searching mind. This is the fact which all the people with high level of anxiety possess. They are always wondering and searching for answers. This is what makes their mind an innovative one.

High Scorers

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The anxious people are those smart brains which always score optimum marks in the exams. They are more attuned towards the hidden meanings in every interaction they go through.

Natural Awareness of another Person’s Perception

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The people who are having anxiety have deep senses and so does the people who are intellingent. They are naturally aware of what the other people are thinking about. Their over thinking mind detects the state of mind of other people.

They are Great Discoverers

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The people with anxiety think all the time. Their brain is never relaxed due to which they are most of the time wondering which leads to great discoveries of the universe.

Similar Level People Bond Quickly


You can only understand someone and feel the same thing only when you are in their shoes. This is same with the people who have anxiety. This is due to the same level of intelligence in them. They can share their mind set and thoughts.

The Theory of Mind

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The people who have anxiety have hyper understanding and so does the intelligent people as well. Their mind has the ability of commonsense psychology. Due to this they can come into conclusions more often than other people.

Everything is this world has two sides, a dark side and the bright side. This goes same with the brain as well. If you have a smart brain then there come numerous positive aspects with it and some negative ones too. The high intelligence brings up anxiety issues too.