Positive Affirmations for Anxiety

Positive Affirmations for Anxiety

 Positive Affirmations for Anxiety

Anxiety disorder is when you fear something and are anxious about it , but you don’t know what you fear. Anxiety is often triggered by stress. We can also make ourselves anxious with negative self-talk , a habit of always telling ourselves the worst will happen. A simple antidote is positive affirmations and self-talk. As anxiety is basically a mind problem, the solution also has to be a mind solution. The thoughts of calmness, peace , security, confidence, etc. can be a solution.

1. I am Cool, Calm and Collected


Self Improvement

Self control is the meaning of this affirmation. To think you are in a problem or difficulty multiplies that very thought and anxiety builds up but if you rub it into yourself that everything will be okay if you are cool, calm and collected then every thing will become okay because the decisions you take will be with cool mind.

2. Every Cell in my Body is Relaxed and oozes Calmness


Source of Calmness

If you are physically and mentally calm and cool , relaxed then your subconscious mind is also relaxed and in absence of anxiety and stress one tends to take right decisions thus problems sooner or later disappear. Physical and mental relationship of the body has to be cool and calm to generate positive energy which will then surround you.

3. I Love Myself Deeply and Unconditionally 


Self Discovery

Love for thyself is most important to think positively. When one loves oneself unconditionally the positive energy thus generated creates a very calm and cool , stress / anxiety free subconscious mind which allows you to work in peace and tranquil atmosphere so that you can successfully complete all your tasks.

4. I am Confident of Solving Life’s Problems Successfully 


More Confident in Yourself

Confidence in self is utmost necessary and with this thought in mind the problems appear to disappear . When this affirmation is rubbed into the subconscious mind , the confidence is generated in the thought process and generates confidence to be able to tackle all problems and that too successfully.

5.The Future is Good and I Look Towards it With Hope and Happiness


6. Life is wonderful. I trust in God / Universe to live a well fulfilled life


7. I overcome My Fear of Anything and Everything and Live Life Courageously


8. I am Free of Anxiety and Continue To Do So


9. Every Breath I Inhale Calms Me and Every Breath I Exhale Takes Away Tension


10. I Transcend Stress of any Kind . I Live in Peace


11. All is Well in my World and I am Safe


12. With Every Breath I Release the Anxiety Within Me and I Become More and More Calm


13. I Acknowledge That the Only Constant in Life is Change and I am Prepared for It


14. I am Social and I Like Meeting People


15. I am Feeling Healthy and Strong Today


Affirmations for anxiety are one way of dealing with anxiety problems. Repeating these affirmations over and over again can have a calming and soothing effect. The more we use them , the more our life starts resembling them.