10 Important Things Happening Around the World

10 Important Things Happening Around the World

10  Important Things Happening Around the World

We live in an ever busy world where a lot of things take place simultaneously.  While you are reading this article, there is a person getting fired at work somewhere, a policeman has just arrested a suspect, a baby is born, there are students playing in class and there are those who are in deep sleep. So many events are taking place. However, the most important things in the world right now are as follows:

Death of Explorer Henry Worsley

henry worsley

Henry lost his life 30 miles from finishing an historic ordeal of crossing the Antarctic alone. Henry Worsley is a Briton who served in the army as an officer before retiring.  Sadly, he collapsed as a result of dehydration and exhaustion while trying to cross the continent without any assistance or support.

China and its Oil Refinery Preparation


Since last year, China has been relentlessly working hard to prepare its oil refinery so as to dump a huge supply onto a market that is already flooded with supplied goods. All these preparations by china is to bring some form of leverage to the market that is dominated by the private sector. It is an effort to liberalize the economy.

Banksy the Artist


Banksy is an elusive artist who has just designed a new piece that speaks against the use of tear gas on Calais’ refugees. His work was showcased on a building, just opposite the French embassy, London.

JP Morgan Chase & Co.


Officials at JP Morgan Co. are willing to pay up to $1.42 billion so as to resolve a case that accuses them of bringing the Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc to insolvency in September of 2008. The case is already in court and both stakeholders are currently in talks.

Creation of new UN department


The UN Security Council approved the making of a new UN mission of unarmed observes, on Monday. The department has been given the mandate to monitor and control disarmament, should the leftist FARC rebels and the government of Columbia reach an understanding of ending the Latin’s America war.

Who will replace Twitter’s Kevin Weil?

kevin well

In a report, Twitter has unveiled that it is not planning to appoint a successor to Kevin Weil, who departed from the company. The CEO of the company- Jack Dorsey explained that the consumer-product group will not be in the same department with Chief Technology Officer, Adam Messinger.

8 Employees of Cairo Museum to Face the Law


Eight employees who have been working the Egyptian Museum in Cairo will face disciplinary council after damaging the golden masking of the boy pharaoh King Tutankhamun. The employees damaged the beards in August 2014 in an attempt to repair the 3300 year old mask.

IPhone Increases sales


Apple is expected to give a full report regarding its iPhone sales which increased by a mere 1 percent during the last holidays. This has been one of its slowest sales since the company came into existence. The expectation was far low that what the investors had expected.

United States claims Vladimir Putin is corrupt

vladimir putin

An official from the US treasury has claimed that the Russian President- Vladimir Putin is a corrupt individual. The US claims it has known this for a very long time. The president of Russia has not responded to the allegations yet.

Tourists in France face disruptions


Travelers in France were disrupted on Tuesday as taxi drivers and air traffic controllers went on strike.  In the strike, there were also civil servants who also complained over the reduced purchasing power.


The above are some of the most trending events that have happened in the recent past.  You can always check with use for more information on the important news and information in the world.