Homeostasis & Psychosclerosis

Homeostasis & Psychosclerosis

Homeostasis & Psychosclerosis

The above words may create a puzzle in your mind and the repetitive pronunciation of the same will grow into the nasty monster lurking your conscience. Your inquisitiveness then will force you to search the existence of these words. In simpler form, homeostasis is your desire to always remain within your comfort zone despite sacrificing your progress in your life and psychosclerosis is your instinct to cling to your ideas and views only, ignoring other’s advice, even though the same brings benefits to you.

If you want to achieve different results than what is going on, you have to change your self-concept and become a different person. Based on your self-concept, you become what you think most of the time. If your intrinsic desire opts for any change, devise new goals, desire for a new set of achievement, you must bid adieu the homeostatic impulse syndrome from your life. But most of the time, most of the people seldom come out of their comfort zone and accomplish very less in their lives even though they have potentialities.


Homeostasis is neither good nor bad. It is a natural phenomenon. Whenever you want to carry out different things or do something contrary to your regular pattern of habits, your homeostatic impulse forces you to confine within your comfort zone. Ultimately, you are in a tussle mentally whether to cross the barriers of your comfort zone or not. Finally, this leads to non-fulfillment of doing something new.


It is really painstaking to come out from the comfort zone and it may be nerve-wracking. People do not cherish to transcend the barriers of the comfort zone and cite many excuses to support their decision. They only come out from this slough of procrastination, if they are forced to do so. But once you are able to break your comfort zone despite the same bringing your unhappiness, you will be able to create a new comfort zone. This new comfort zone will ensure your more prosperity in all your activities of your life. So, you must consciously and deliberately counter the pull of the comfort zone as you move upward to the ladder of your life to reach higher levels of accomplishment.


Psychosclerosis is your natural tendency to fall in love with your own ideas, thoughts, views, compulsions and your tendency to impose your opinion on others. With these facts imbibed in your mind, you vigorously defend your own convictions against anything new. The opposite of psychosclerosis is flexibility, the willingness to respect other people’s views, their ideas with the very possibility that you could be wrong. All superior persons with extraordinary caliber, have this mental flexibility. If you are capable to develop this mental power, you will be also in a position to achieve more than what you are expecting for.


You have to stop find fault with alternative approaches, have to suspend judgment for a considerable time to see if you cannot find something beneficial in a different idea or in a new way of doing things. This approach is essential to program your mental flexibility. The more you are prone to this flexibility, the more betterment will be there for your success. A major reason for most of the people, who fail in their endeavors, is their inability to increase this flexibility.


They become too rigid to cling to their ideas. They continue to dwell, why something would not work for them rather than why it would. You must switch over to the language of thinking from “whether” to “how”. This principle will help you achieve any milestone and you will not be influenced either by homeostatic impulse or by psychosclerosis.