Overcoming Self-Doubt

Overcoming Self-Doubt

Overcoming Self-Doubt

There comes a moment in everyone’s life when the person feels helpless and gets into the trouble of self-doubt. According to the experts, self-doubt is not actually bad but it lets you get ready and brace yourself for the next challenge with high spirits and efforts. It should not be taken as a menace or an impetus to derail you from your focus and goals.

Every person must face a certain limit of self-doubt because after seeing this situation, that person will understand the difference of self-doubt and over-confidence and would never dare crossing that. If you feel that self-doubt has become turbulent for you and is causing obstacles to get what you had planned, you need to ditch it. Here are some tips that would help you overcome it.

Accept Your Failures


Our brain is one of the biggest enemies we might ever face. It makes us acquitted to lame and fake excuses for the things we can’t do and it doesn’t let us accept that we have done wrong things. Steven has said that does the work, override the resistance/self-doubt and get out of it the way you are comfortable with.

“I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.” -  Thomas Edison

The fear of self-doubt puts us into situations where our brain takes us down and we become the slaves of lame excused that our mind tells us. If we have failed or done damage to you, our business or any other, we must accept that and get rid of this self-doubt. We become experts in putting such excuses and never try to accept that we have turned down an amazing opportunity that we just needed to kick off. Broadly speaking, our mind is the castle of unnecessary barriers in our ways.

Pay Attention to Your Company


If it’s said that we represent some of qualities of a company we have, we will not be an exaggeration at all. A famous proverb supports this doctrine that if we live in five people; one of us will be average of us all. This is deadly true that we get the impacts of people, circles and companies we spend our time with.

It would be of biggest negligence if we are not abreast of those impacts. So when you face the problem of self-doubt, try to spot the reasons and the circle you have might be the first and foremost cause of your being caught. Never ignore this factor and see such circles off that put you into such psychological disorders.

Develop Confidence


Gaining confidence helps ditch self-doubt. The self-awareness is also a factor to be given due consideration in cases of self-doubt. The experts tell self-awareness as the most powerful and strong tool any person owns.

Try to figure out the impetuses behind self-doubt and never fear to overcome them. The self-doubt may get into your attractive personality due to self-negligence and it might be a fear not to go for an exam, interview or job because you are not well prepared and can’t prove handy to yourself. Resolve it by finding out the actual causes, their solutions and if you need counseling or training on a certain area, do go for that on the right time.

Take Care of Yourself by Practicing Positivism

“When you connect to the silence within you, that is when you can make sense of the disturbance going on around you.”  - Stephen Richards

When you are facing self-doubt problems, do take utmost care of yourself and pay attention to your mental and physical health. According to the reports, most of the people offer compassion to other easily but when it comes to their own personality, they can never understand that they are in need of that compassion as well.

take care

As you become kind and sympathetic to others so you need this self-compassion. Self-compassion spares people from various mental diseases and keep them mentally fit and healthy. You can achieve higher esteem, self-satisfaction and less worries in your lives if you practice self-compassion for yourself too.

Dr.Neff advises three steps to use self-compassion as the tool for emotional resistance. Never ignore the self-doubt caused by your own mistakes, don’t take it on heart and do remember that imperfection is associated with every person. You don’t have a certificate of being perfect when you came into this world.

Keep Your Mouth Shut


Most of us can’t shut mouth and keep talking about our plans, projects and future assignments. The psychological reports inform that as we talk about our work and plans with others, they appreciate and admire us. This is the point where our mind gets entangled into a situation we never have thought of. The appreciation and admiration fill our mind that we have done and achieved what we needed. We stop working and our performance gets poorer every day.

Talking on TED Presentations, one of the most watched shows, Derek Sivers told that he never opened his mouth about his plans and pending projects. So the point is that we fail to get the motivation needed for our work, when we get appreciation and acknowledgment from others and that’s why we are advised to keep our mouths shut about the plans and ongoing work.

Believe in Yourself


Asking others and seek their help is not bad at all unless it becomes a menace to curb. You should be confident and have belief in yourself. When you ask someone about their work and how they plan when it comes to their important tasks or how they decide in important and critical matters, all this deteriorates your confidence and you need validity to justify yourself. Here you are committing blunders by not believing in yourself.

Let’s have a fine example of web design project. You have to design a theme for your website or a friend of yours, you prepare several themes, try a number of times, ask your friends and family to give remarks on your work and when they tell you to improve it, you run after that. It might be that your previous work was outstanding and acceptable as well but you didn’t believe in yourself and promoted others on your place. So when you need help or advice, get it and decide what you think is best.