The Trap Of Comfort

The Trap Of Comfort

The Trap Of Comfort

What’s wrong with comfort?

  • Not compatible with survival
  • Makes you complacent

Our bodies are meant to adapt to new circunstances, not stay the same forever. The way we are living, nowadays, is in may ways…not natural at all.


Animals are always adapting. They’re never really confortable, are they. Animals are always preocupied with survival, “survival of the fittest” that’s the law of the jungle.

Have you heard of natural selection?! It’s real. Unfortunately, we live such cozy lives—that we lose our fighting edge.

While it is normal for a baby to assume that his parents are going to take care of him, for adults the rules are different.

Lessons To Learn


The two lessons we need to learn in recent events are: beware of comfort; and always be ready for change. You never know what can happen. And that’s been proven how many times?

People complain of change. But change is always going to happen in the society. Our ability to adapt to change is what has got to change. In a paradoxical way, “change” has to become our friend. We have to become confortable with change!

What is more real than your own strength? It’s a rhetorical question. Nothing’s more important. It goes right-up there with the ability to love and be loved, your self-esteem, and the confidence you have in yourself.

What Is The Solution?

  • Trust Your Instinct

What you have to do is trust your instincts. Sometimes, to survive, you just have to take quick decisions and risk being wrong. That's a big one right there—the fear of being wrong, fear of failure. Not taking action can prove to be worse than doing something wrong. At least you're doing something. And from there, you can rectify things. You have something to work with. The “I'm not going to do anything and wait for the perfect opportunity or response to take actionis not always the best option. Fear can paralyze us into doing nothing and, at the end of the day, getting little done. What’s worse than that?

How To Change?

  • Be honest in what you feel
  • Replace Stress and anxiety with deep emotion

The real issue. The “under the surface” issue is that…you can’t handle your own emotions. The power of your own emotions scare you. When you desire a confortable life, what are you really saying? You’re saying that the roller-coaster of life is too much for you and you want to take a break, a permanent one.


Why would you need a confortable life? Because your life has been uncomfortable up until now, right? That’s the only explanation. Stress, anxiety, worries: you want to get away from all that. You know that anxiety is actually not knowing what one feels.

That’s how anxiety works. Anxiety isn’t a real emotion. You’re just not sure what’s going on in your inner world; therefore, you don’t know what to do, how to react, thus the anxiety. But if you could handle and accept what you feel, what you are…the stress would go awayand you would be free of your comfort-driven nature.