Motivation is not a magical word. No one can motivate you except you. Motivate yourself is a wonderful journey but sorry to say it starts with Revolt against yourself. Revolt?

Revolt against bad habits, Revolt against bad thoughts, Revolt against lack of awareness and knowledge.

Person may come and go. They attempt to demotivate and defeat you. Even though you got defeat yourself but that is not the defeat. The real defeat is that when you accept defeat as a defeat.We should accept defeat as a challenge. We should accept mistakes as an experience.


Dedication and determination are two companions in this journey. We should focus on goal but not on the obstacles. We should follow the path of success but avoid the path in which we blame others, talk nonsense, wasting our valuable time.

We cry if someone left us, break our trust, disturbed our mind. And we are thinking about that incidence, we are thinking about that person, we are thinking about our survival. Good, very good. But what happened at the end of the day? Except tears, depression or anger.

motivation 4

We can’t borrow a single second from time. We can’t use time machine to go back and change the situations according to our own desire. And this is the right time to think of ourselves. Believe me you are beautiful; your presence or absence is going to affect someone (known or unknown person) who actually needs you. So come on, wake up, open your eyes and conquer the world by your good deeds. Do something great in your life so that enemy will respect you.

motivation 5

A better option is waiting for you. Leave the past but don’t forget experience Don’t think of future but preserve the good hopes Do your best in the present only, to make you strong.

motivation 3

Time is running very fast. We don’t have time to follow “wait and watch” policy. Time to change yourself to show the world, positive light of your success.