50 Frugal Living And Money-Saving Tips for Families

It is essential for one to plan and spend money accordingly, as nowadays everything is getting pricier. The day isn’t much far when we also have to pay for the air which we are breathing right now.

You can’t control the future, but you could control some things that will help you save a lot of money and time, and here are 50 ways to do that.

50 Ways to live a Frugal Life

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  • 1. Try collecting as much discount coupons as you could.
  • 2. Do not buy junk food or packed as they are unhealthy and pricey.
  • 3. Plan your meal according to the sale in grocery
  • 4. Avoid going out so that you could save your money
  • 5. Always shop at discount markets
  • 6. Do not do grocery shopping without making a proper list before.
  • 7. Make good use of leftovers; there are many creative dishes to make from them.
  • 8. Do carpooling so you could save your petrol money.
  • 9. To save your transport money use public transport
  • 10. Fill up the tank of your car when it goes half empty.
  • 11. Turn off the engine when not in need, for example, while you in traffic.
  • 12. Try eating from your stocked pantry only
  • 13. Use nightlights in night
  • 14. Thrift store shopping is ideal for saving money
  • 15. When in work use a planned cafeteria plan
  • 16. Use kitchen rags instead of using paper towel
  • 17. Do hiking, play board games. Basically all the free things for entertainment.
  • 18. Prefer cutting your own hair by watching video tutorials.
  • 19. And also do your own manicures and pedicures in an organic manner
  • 20. Get rid of the TV and enjoy the interaction with another human instead.
  • 21. Sell unimportant thing in your house
  • 22. Rather than spending in watching movie, do a picnic in the park
  • 23. Try having candle light dinner once a while to save energy and money altogether
  • 24. Only eat out once in a month
  • 25. Shop only when important
  • 26. Walk more often
  • 27. Drink more water to cut the calories off
  • 28. Avoid using credit cards while shopping
  • 29. Don’t wash your clothes that often save money and water.
  • 30. Dry your clothes in sun rather in washing machine
  • 31. Eat breakfast so you don’t feel that hungry later
  • 32. Go out with friends with your belly full so you won’t waste money on buying more
  • 33. Eat less to avoid being fat and unhealthy
  • 34. Make your own smoothies and juice, to save the tax money you have to pay for buying the same food. 
  • 35. Always buy in bulk
  • 36. Use CFL light bulbs to save your eyes and money
  • 37. Only buy product after using them completely
  • 38. Use handkerchief in the place of tissue
  • 39. Fix your own lawn instead of hiring someone
  • 40. Carr water from home instead of buying mineral water from outside
  • 41. Try staying in the relative house when coming to some another place.
  • 42. Rather than storing invest your money in stocks or real estate.
  • 43. Bring your homemade lunch to work
  • 44. Your shoes should always be comfortable
  • 45. Spend more time on your hobbies
  • 46. Get the best insurance for your car
  • 47. Don’t warm the water, rather wash clothes with cold water
  • 48. After leaving room turn off the fans and lights
  • 49. Buy an induction cooktop for cooking food
  • 50. Carry your coffee and tea in a flask

Happy budgeting!

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