How to Be A Happy and Healthy Person

How to Be A Happy and Healthy Person

How to Be A Happy and Healthy Person

Happiness. The primary goal of life. We tend to think that it is some sort of complicated subject. This is largely because we forget our youth. Remember when the most amazing toy in the world was a stick? It was a sword, a cane, a snake in the grass. 

When we were young we employed our imaginations and spent time in nature. That lesson is one that you don't want to lose. Put simply, enjoy the simple things. Here are a few things you can do to make your weeks brighter and to make life a happier place. 

1. Watch stand-up comedy weekly

stand up comedy

Comedy is a great way to get out your negative emotions. At it's best, comedy is distilled frustration at the things which we do as a society or as individuals. It can help you with insight into your own behaviour or simply give you an outlet when you are facing problems that cannot be avoided.  Tastes may vary, but some good comedians to get you started are Bill Burr, Mitch Hedberg, and George Carlin. Try out new ones as you go along and see who makes you laugh. It's one of the many keys to happiness.

2.  Exercise twice a week


Depression is kept away sometimes by exercise endorphins and general improved health. Exercising just one hour, twice a week, can give you a healthful boost in attitude with a minimum of work. Try it and see how it affects your outlook. You may be pleasantly surprised.

3. Payday Ritual

payday rituals

Don't overdo it, but a 'payday ritual' can be a good morale boost. Every time you get a paycheck treat yourself to something that you like. A burger, a pizza, maybe a new game for your gaming console or a new book that you've been dying to read.

 If you are a collector, add something small to your collection every time you are paid and it will become a visual reminder of the merits of your hard work. This can be good for those times when you feel that all you do is work and sleep. Give yourself a reminder that a little fun is around the corner and that there is a reason beyond survival that you are doing this.

4. Try Something New Monthly

book reading

Variety is the spice of life. Try something new every month to keep your world fresh.  A new type of book or game. Visit a new place. Volunteer somewhere. The only limitations for experimentation will be your own. Get creative and make it imperative to add new experiences to your life. It's the only life you are 100% sure that you have so fill it up.

5. Travel Once a Year

travel once a year

Broadening your horizons through travel is a great way to make the most of life. New places and new customs will teach you what life is like in other places. This can inspire you to travel more or in some cases, to appreciate more the life that you have at home. Take lots of pictures and keep a travel journal. 

The journal doesn't have to be verbose, just a few sentences about the different places which you have visited because you will be surprised what you can forget without a note or two. Expand the world you live in and your happiness will grow as well.

6. The 'Little Things' are Everything

wtahcing sun set

A beautiful sunrise or sunset is an amazing thing. Spend time in the woods either alone or with someone special. A picnic costs you only the price of food and your time, but it can be amazing. Feeding the ducks or pigeons in your city is cheap and incredibly rewarding. People tend to forget that the world outside of our apartment or house walls is a vibrant and amazing place. Be like a child and enjoy these things. 

Remember, you are only as old as you feel. If you take the time to enjoy the little things it will show in your attitude and reflect on your face. After all, if you have to get some wrinkles someday, wouldn't you rather smile lines instead of the dour ones that come with frowning all the time?

Use these tips to get a little more out of life and you will be happier, healthier, and more fun to be around. People notice when you are often happy and they will want this for themselves too. Lead by your example and enjoy that happiness. 

You've earned it.