Exchanging Your to-do List with a Be-now List

Exchanging Your to-do List with a Be-now List

Exchanging Your to-do List with a Be-now List

Know what they say? There is a sea difference between ‘planning’ and actually ‘doing’ it. The ‘To – Do’ list is an important part of goal setting for all things in life. However, it’s not enough to just make a list and relax. The strategy to actually implement the same is what really works for the results.

Understand the all new ‘BE NOW’ list, your Mantra to faster success. When you have decided to act ‘now’, is when the real game precisely begins.

Exchanging To – Do List with Be Now List

So how do we go ahead and make the switch? It’s simple. Understand and implement the actions that can be taken in the real time. Here is what you can do.

Do Away with the Redundancies


It is very important to know what really matters and what does not. Identifying the redundancies and acting on the most productive items will help you make an effective ‘Be Now’. Know what makes an impact on your life and work in the real sense. Get on with it and start deploying.

Don’t Wait For ‘D’ Day


Most of us have the lazy habit of making a standard To Do List and convincing ourselves with affirmations like ‘this list will get me through when the day comes’. Understand that the day will never ‘come’. That day is ‘here’. Stop waiting for a miracle to happen and start working towards your goals.

Analyse Your Stand Point


It is essential to analyse your situation in the current and prevailing scenario. All of us love to be futuristic, but what sets the tone is studying where we stand in the scheme of things. Acting from where you stand with a viable strategy is what will get you to the end destination.

Believe in Strong Actions


It is great to ‘act’ on the items that are a priority. Stronger actions reap results. Lot of us just love to ‘pend’ the matters till a suitable timing occurs. This is a raw deal. Put all your abilities into what you seek and see stuff happening. Your actions will pave the path for the final goal.

Stop Procrastinating


The more you procrastinate, the more you are delayed. Once delayed and the situations aren’t exactly the same. People who do NOT procrastinate and work tireless with the right approach are more likely to succeed than those who just keep postponing the agenda.

Be Ready for the Twists and Turns


The real secret to ‘Be NOW’ is to gear up for all kinds of outcomes. Success comes to those who are well aware of the cons and not just the pros. Being ready and geared with a robust back up plan is what makes one  the ultimate ‘Be NOW’ person.

Making the transition from ‘To do’ list to the ‘Be NOW’ is simple. Stable head on the shoulders and a focussed thinking should do it.