13 Ways to Develop Stellar Interpersonal Relationships

13 Ways to Develop Stellar Interpersonal Relationships

13 Ways to Develop Stellar Interpersonal Relationships

Every day people come across a situation that needs to be handled centered on interaction. Whether it’s going for a job interview, giving a presentation, making new friends or even something as simple as talking on the phone, everyone needs good interpersonal skills to smoothly run a conversation. 

In this day and age, your success in life depends on often on how well you communicate and get along with everyone, especially at a workplace.

Since there is such high demand for people with high interpersonal skills, here are few ways to develop them.

1. Non-Verbal Communication

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While speaking a lot of what you say is communicated through your facial expressions, gestures, and visual cues. Smiles and the right amount of eye contact can make you seem more welcoming and friendly, which can cause people to become more open to what you’re saying.

2. Listening

You have to pay attention to what the other person is saying. If you don’t listen attentively or seem uninterested, the conversation can go south. It’s very important to focus on the conversation and respond accordingly.

3. Content


The conversation you bring to the table should be relevant and interesting. Often even forgetting small social expectations like ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ can cause a drift between the speakers. Hence remember to always be polite and interesting.

4. Common ground

It’s important to negotiate well. While debating or making a deal to compromise and find common ground. If you find yourself disagreeing with someone work to establish a situation where you are both happy. If it doesn’t work try taking a break from the debate.

5. Clarity

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Make sure while getting your point across to be clear and concise. Your message has to be understandable and then only will it be well received. You also have to keep in mind to understand what the other person is saying completely and clearly, never assuming his message on your own.

6. Empathy

It’s important to understand the other side always. If you empathize with the other person it’ll make them more open and warm towards you.

7. Praise and compliments

Make sure your associates, friends or family know you care and value them. Use praises to let them know.

8. Consideration

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Taking note of small things like birthdays or achievements can also help. This is a tool which will help show people you care for them.

9. Assertion

In some situations, you may want to assert yourself as the leader or make your opinions be heard. Don’t be afraid to voice your thoughts, however, make sure you do it politely but firmly.

10. Don’t use force

If you’re trying to convince to do something don’t use force. Instead, try to use persuasion and direct communication to get your point across.

11. Self Management

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This is a skill much needed as you may come across several things that annoy you, however, it is important to stay above them and not let it get to you.

12. Accountability and Responsibility

It is very important to know when you’ve made a mistake. It may solve a lot of conflicts and show your level of maturity. This can work in your favor many times.

13. Avoid complaining

Complaining or looking at the negative side of things always can make you seem whiny. Learn to be positive and appreciate things.

Having good interpersonal skills can guarantee a much easier and smoother life. Use your charm and confidence to work situations in your favor!