How to Improve Interpersonal Skills in Your Kids and Reduce Their Tech Dependency

How to Improve Interpersonal Skills in Your Kids and Reduce Their Tech Dependency

How to Improve Interpersonal Skills in Your Kids and Reduce Their Tech Dependency

There are lot of fun things in the world which are not just the electronic screens. There is a strict need for the parents to pledge themselves on how to reduce their tech dependency for their kids. Do you know that the result of screen addiction is not just eye sight, rather the avalanche of illness includes, obesity, poor attention to things and insomnia, failing to connect with people, communicating with them, etc?  Here you will know how to enhance all the important life skills in your kids.

1. Create Screen Free zones

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As a parent you should make sure that you are not browsing on any device while eating or before sleeping or while having snacks with family. Rather have a healthy conversation with your family and create time for the kids where they can watch TV, tablet, mobile or computers. Ensure that they follow it strictly and won’t create a mess when you ask them to turn them off. 

2. Excel in Communication Skills

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No one loves a boring person. It is once we grow, even the companies and the managers love to hire the people who are interesting and able to communicate well with the team. So, teach them how to interact with others. Let them know that listening and the difference between reacting and as well responding to things. You can entice them with clever examples and spare some time to engage them. All these will bring in special interest and they will off the tab or the rhymes, cartoon in TV as soon as you ask them to. 

3. Teach Proper Body Language

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It is when we sit for longer time before the technology gadgets, we get obese. Later on, we have to focus on maintaining the weight of our body and that's how we don't get any extra time to learn body language. It is with proper hand moment, people will get attracted to us and there will be scope to make lot of friends. Help your kids to learn all these including their importance from the early age.

4. Enroll in Special Classes

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It is when there is extra time, then the kids will be trying to get attached to the chair with their favorite electronic device. Why don’t you think of their interests and send them to some special class or course which enhances their potential and their personality? You need not even fight with them or argue or spoil your moods while making them depart from their electronic gadgets. 

5. Proper Planning and Rewards

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Increase their activity by giving them an interesting book or do a family workout every day at some time. Give them rewards which engages them other than sitting before TV. One can also plan to go out in the weekends where there is a scope to enjoy the nature. It is only with proper planning and dedication of the parents, they can expect the kids to have least technology dependence.