Major Aspects of Self-Concept Theory

Major Aspects of Self-Concept Theory

Major Aspects of Self-Concept Theory

Self-concept is a tricky subject. There are many interpretations as to how to best achieve a harmony within the self. Here is one that is simple, yet deep, that may help you to self-actualize and achieve your goals with the full cooperation of that person who keeps getting in your way. 

Did you know there were three of you? Open your mind and let theory sink it. We think you will like it. You are three people and each of them is important to the whole. So open your mind and try digesting the following concept. You are three people. Who you are, Who you were, and Who you will BE. 

1. Who You Are

You are walking a balance between your past and your potential. This means that the things you have learned and the things that you are currently learning make you an as-yet unsolved equation of what was and what you will be. It is important not to look too far ahead and not too look too far behind. You must live in the now and nurture the skills that the person you are becoming is going to possess.

who you are

Focus on your development always. Eventually, there will come a time of rest and you won't notice it until it is upon you. With its focus on growth, the tree simply becomes mighty. Looking high, and low, and within, it does not notice so much the other trees as it simply grows strong. Keep that balance between the things that you have done and the things that you desire to do and simply focus on your development. It seems simple when written but you will find that it is more than enough to occupy your time.

2.  Who You Were

Some people don't like this part. Some will say, 'Oh, that isn't who you are now.' but do  you know what? That's not completely true. It is also natural and absolutely fine. 

Stay with me here.

who you were

Who you were, composes the roots of something complex. You aren't a two-dimensional figure. You have depth and sometimes there are dark things in the depths. Time and choice have shown you that this is not where you wish to live, however, and the tree that you are becoming has emerged from the soil and begun to seek the sun.

Don't forget your roots. This knowledge can be helpful for you. You can recognize some things that others will look upon with mystery. They don't know the things that you have seen down there and lacking your experience they can hardly understand them. Let your knowledge of the dark empower you to better recognize all that is light.

3.  ...and Who You Will BE

who you will be

Hold fast to the image of who you are becoming. Don't stare, however, or let the dream of what could fill your mind so much that you never lay the groundwork for the skills that future-you will need. Instead, think of this possibility as a likely destination if  you continue to develop yourself and your skills. 

While the image that you hold may not be 100% accurate when the time comes, if you have focused and worked hard, in the future you will have many of the qualities that you always wanted and hoped for. Success at work? Many close friends? A mate who appreciates you? Knowledge of the world and it's customs? These are all very achievable things. Everything comes to the one who is patient and believes.

being better

Hold to this concept in order to better yourself. Your experiences and former limitations. The things that you have seen and learned to cope with. The things that may give you trouble as you progress or that may motivate you to overcome and grow past them. 

The possibilities are endless if you can take these aspects of yourself and build a mental picture of the complexity that is you. Know your motivations and limitations. Don't ignore the past or view the future as a pipe-dream. Don't neglect the present by focusing too far and obsessing on what was before or what is to come.

Start believing, start growing, and never forget.

You are three people.
Who you are,
Who you were,
and who you will be.