Identifying Self-Conscious People and Dealing With Them

Identifying Self-Conscious People and Dealing With Them

Identifying Self-Conscious People and Dealing With Them

Self- consciousness is being conscious about oneself. If I hesitate to look into the mirror or go in front of someone or avoid being in their presence because of the thought that I am not as rich as him, it is self-consciousness. Fear of negative judgement of others is what makes me feel self- conscious. It is the inability to understand that others are none to define us and it does more harm than good.

Such a feeling arises when you have doubts about your own ability or looks. When you are haunted by such thoughts  you have to find out a way to come out of that and lead a peaceful life.

Identifying self-conscious people are so simple. If a person is a man and he talks as if there is no end to it or looks at the mirror to comb his hair or constantly works on his belt to tighten it are some of the clues to find out whether a man is self-conscious or not.

If it is a woman she will wear a revealing dress and  moves her hands swiftly to catch the attention of others. If she is worried about her tummy, she will place her hand on it. These are all the symptoms that she is self-conscious. As the saying goes Old habits die hard, it is very difficult to get rid of such a feeling at least initially. We have to find a way  to vent out all these negative feelings in us.

Dealing With People


But how to deal with or help such people to break out of the shell of poor esteem? Is there an ideal way for it? Yes, just praise the person for wearing a good dress.  Rave about his good looks and make him feel in cloud nine. 

Radom comments like the dress he is wearing are  very nice or it looks good on him would help sometimes. Usually, guys feel insecure about their looks and need some boost from outside. This will have a positive effect on them. It is the people around such people who can lift up the good spirit in them.

Another way to deal with them is to advise them to resist their negative thoughts. Simply ask them not to accept the negative thoughts. But, advise them not to reject them altogether. Help them to understand that he himself is his first pal or best buddy. 

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Such a thought will bring a big mental makeover  in your friend. For example, If your friend feels his nose is unexceptionally big, convince him that his eyes or lips look extremely attractive and he is handsome because of his eyes and lips. This will help to build a lot of self -confidence in him.

?It is a fact that friends can help a lot to overcome the self-consciousness in yourself. It is equally true that you have to make your mind understand that confidence can be built effectively with your own efforts. It can be practiced and improved just like any other skill. The moment you understand this fact and ride herd on your mind, you will be able to get rid of being self-conscious and be successful.