How Best to Deal with Criticism?

How Best to Deal with Criticism?

How Best to Deal with Criticism?

Everyone makes mistakes. But nobody wants to be criticized by others. But the saddest part of it is that we are constantly judged by others who make us sad by criticizing us. How best to handle criticism is an important question because if we don't respond them with wisdom and analytical mind it will create unnecessary problems for us. Is there an effective way to handle criticism?

Of course Yes. There are not one, but several ways to handle criticism. They are - 

Try to Learn from Criticism 

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It is a fact that we don't like criticism. But there is one thing which we can do. If the negative statements against us are really true, then we can try to correct us from those statements. For example, if your room is cluttered and your friend asks you to spruce up the room, don't feel bad about it. Try to rectify your mistake by taking the comment in a positive way. 

Remove Emotions


Lots of people bite your head off in a very harsh tone. If there is some element of truth in that you should try to concentrate on that rather than criticizing them back. Try to take out the emotions from that criticism and understand the fact correctly. People tend to blow a gasket while passing comments or criticisms. This further infuriates us instead of making us consider the comments passed by them.

Attach Importance to Criticism


When somebody passes a good comment or tells something good about us we give a heed to it and the comment becomes important to us because it makes us feel happy. Similarly, give some importance to negative comments and consider it to be of value. These negative comments teach us more than positive ones. This is because we come to understand the mistakes we are making which usually go unnoticed. Only one thing which you should never give any weight is to the false praise and sarcastic comments which are deliberately passed to make us feel sad.

Don't Feel Offended 

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It is the common mistake which everybody makes. If somebody tells you that a particular dress doesn't suit you try to understand that it doesn't look good on you. We all start talking ill of the person who makes such a comment instead of understanding the correct meaning of it. Most of the people criticize because they envy at others. The jealousy is the evil which creates problems on others. Don't take it personally. You can learn and improve yourself by analyzing your own mistakes.

Turn a Deaf Ear Towards Criticism which Stems out of Jealousy 

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Stay cool or maintain your normal temperament when someone comes up with an accusation or false comments. There are instances when you have to be silent and tell yourself that the other person is jealous, and passes a sarcastic comment because of this. But it is not always ideal to remain silent. We have to respond, but occasionally.

Explain in a Calm Tone 


If you are in a haste to react to negative statements everything will go for a toss. Take time to respond. It is not advisable to explain things when you are out of your mind.

Put a Smile on your Face


Even if you are very angry, try to put a smile on your face. At least, it will make you look happy. It will create a positive vibration which helps you to calm down.

There are the best things which help you to handle even the worst situation.