How Does Self-control Affect Your Success

How Does Self-control Affect Your Success

How Does Self-control Affect Your Success

It is a fact that we are all slaves to our own emotions. But our success lies in how we go about controlling them. Without this, we make ourselves socially unacceptable. We can't move freely with our fellow beings. Self- control happens when people become well aware of the consequences of their own actions.

When you feel jealous that your neighbor has a posh car you make should make your mind understand that nothing changes just by feeling jealous of him. This is exactly what is called self- control.

Anger, jealousy, hatred is  the troubleshooters which make you bad or wicked. We have to thwart these emotions in order to be successful. People are highly successful in controlling their emotions when they work towards attaining long- term goals. If you are a boss and are up in your arms, no member of your group will cooperate with you.  What are the ways through which we can apply this self- control? Let us be conscious of these methods.

Try Applying Self- control in One Type of Behavior At a Time

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Applying self- control over yourself is said easier than applying. So try to control one set or one kind of behavior at a time. For example, if you are already trying to control your temptation to have sweets, then try that only. Later on, you can try to stop smoking cigarettes. Otherwise, it will be just like a wild goose chase. You will end up doing nothing. This idea is even backed by Prof.Shmueli and Prochaska. They have also come up with the conclusion that if you try suppressing your feelings over one domain it will destroy your ability to apply self- control over another domain. So it is advisable to take a break when applying self- control.

Ways  to Improve Self-control

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Stay focused on your goals. If you are trying to count calories or slim down, you have to bear in mind the evil effects of being  overweight. This will help you to do the work easily. Remind yourself often that you have to bear the brunt if you are obese or fat.

Self- control Helps you Get Rid of Selfishness

5 ways to boost your self control

Now let us play a game called Ultimatum to understand this idea better. Ask yourself a simple question. Am I ready to accept low offers? If the answer you get is a YES, then you are very selfish.  This is because you are obsessed about economic self- interest rather than fairness. This is simply because of the fact that something is better than nothing. Instead, if you reject low offers and are ready to wait a little longer, you are guided by fairness.

Self-control Brings Better Results

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People who are good enough in applying self- control get a better position in their jobs. On the contrary, the people who don't control themselves play a waiting game which pulls them down ultimately. Another interesting fact is that the people who don't bend too much out of shape and have self- control, keep their emotions under control. These people have better social contacts as they maintain a good relationship with the people surrounding them.

In short, applying self- control brings favorable outcomes and strengthens relationships. It helps you to be successful in a short period of time.