How Emotionally Intelligent People Handle Criticism

How Emotionally Intelligent People Handle Criticism

How Emotionally Intelligent People Handle Criticism

The ability to accurately identify your own emotions, as well as those of others & to utilize emotions and apply them to tasks, like thinking and problem-solving is Emotional Intelligence. It is infact, the ability to manage emotions, including controlling your own, as well as the ability to cheer up or calm down another person.

Whether a successful entrepreneur or a loyal employee, criticism is never easy to take. You've invested blood, sweat, and sometimes tears in your work; it can be extremely difficult when someone else comes in and tears down what you've built. But the truth is, criticism is often rooted in truth - even when it's not delivered in an ideal manner. When you receive negative feedback, there are two choices: You can put your feelings aside and try to learn from the situation, or you can get angry and have an emotional outburst. One method is proactive, the other is reactive.

It is said that no amount of smarts will make up for a lack of the ever-important emotional and social abilities, especially as part of the professional world. Not sure how to recognize this essential trait? Here are seven characteristics of emotionally intelligent people:

They’re change agents


People with high Emotional Intelligence aren’t afraid of change. They understand that it’s a necessary part of life—and they adapt. They don’t hesitate to take drastic steps in exhibiting change, as they can foresee the change bringing good to them.

They’re Self-aware


They know what they’re good at and what they still have to learn— weaknesses don’t hold them back. They know what environments are optimal for their work style. And here confidence speaks in huge volume, backed by confidence & awareness, they take steps.

They’re Empathetic


The hallmark of Emotional Intelligence, being able to relate to others, makes them essential in the workplace. With an innate ability to understand what co-workers or clients are going through, they can get through difficult times drama free.

They’re not Perfectionists


While extremely motivated, people with Emotional Intelligence know that perfection is impossible. They roll with the punches and learn from mistakes.

They’re Balanced


Their self-awareness means that they naturally know the importance of and how to maintain a healthy professional-personal balance in their lives. They eat well, get plenty of sleep and have interests outside work.

They’re Curious


An inborn sense of wonder and curiosity makes them delightful to be around. They don’t judge; they explore the possibilities. They ask questions and are open to new solutions.

They’re Gracious


People with high Emotional Intelligence know every day brings something to be thankful for—and they don’t see the world as “glass half-empty” as a lot of people do. They feel good about their lives and don’t let critics or toxic people affect that.

Emotionally intelligent people know how to make work, and the world, a better place. They can influence people & read their mind. They can gel along well with people & get the best out of them. They take criticism with a pinch of salt & learn from it & excel in future endeavour.