15 Best Jobs for People With Killer Problem Solving Skills

15 Best Jobs for People With Killer Problem Solving Skills

15 Best Jobs for People With Killer Problem Solving Skills

There are different kinds of jobs which involve several types of problem-solving skills. There are some people who have an inborn skill to solve problems and there are some others who  acquire these skills by practice.  These people are constantly engaged in handling information and issues which sometimes involve inventing new methods of solving them. The US department of labor has released some data about hundreds of jobs suitable for people having killer problem-solving skills

Now let us get to know 15 jobs which are suitable for people who are experts in solving problems.

Government Property Inspectors

property inspectors

This is the job which has a score of 100 with respect to the problem-solving skills. The main job of these inspectors is to go to the different government departments to check whether all the government properties are in accordance with the contracts and various laws made by the country. The educational qualification required for doing this job is  a basic training in vocational education. Any person who does this job gets a remuneration of 55,100 dollars per year.

Sports- Medicine Physician

sports  medicine physician

hese physicians help the athletes to identify the nature of the problem and to treat it by giving appropriate treatment. It also helps to check various other ailments which are common in athletes. The annual compensation available for such physicians is 1,97,500. But it requires a high educational qualification such as MD, or Ph.D. in the related field. The problem-solving skill score  is 97 in the case of these physicians.



These medical practitioners help to diagnose problems which arise in the Brain and central nervous system in the form of dysfunction. This is a job with a problem-solving score of 98. Talking about the educational qualification the physicians should have a Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. or MD in Neurology.



These are doctors who understand the X- Ray images and communicate to the patient regarding their diseases.  They also do the same for the physicians who treat these patients. The problem-solving score  for this type of job is 98%. These radiologists should have a high educational qualification such as Ph.D. or MD in Radiology.

Nurse Anesthetist

nurse anesthetist

He is a person who administers anesthesia for the patients. These patients are those who are about to undergo a surgery. Their job doesn't end with administering anesthesia. They have to check the patient's body reaction to the anesthesia. The score of problem-solving in the case of this job is  97%.

Air-traffic Controller

air traffic controller

These are the people who help us to fly from one destination to another. Air traffic controllers control the traffic at the airport and the time the flights fly from one place to another. To get into such a job one has to have a Bachelor degree in any discipline in addition to three years experience as an air traffic controller. In addition to this, they have to pass exams and  pursue a Federal Aviation Academy course.  They should have a high problem-solving skill which has a score of 97 by the American  department of labor.



An anesthesiologist is a physician who decides the drug for sedation to be administered to the patient. He constantly observes the patient before and after an operation. The problem-solving skill score is about 95 for this job.



He is a doctor who checks and corrects the eyesight of a patient. He also has an experience in performing  eye surgery. The problem-solving skill score is 95.



Magistrates pronounce judgment is criminal and civil cases. They are also authorized to perform wedding ceremonies. The problem-solving skill score is around 95 in the case of such jobs.

CEO or President of a Company

president of a company

They are the policy and decision makers of a company. They also have the responsibility of implementing these policies within the organization. The score for problem-solving skill is about 94 upon 100.

Assistant Physician

assistant physician

He is the one who assists the doctor and conducts initial patient tests and counseling. The score for problem-solving skill given by labor department of the US is 94.

Preventive-Medicine Physician


Preventive medicine physician is the one who helps the nurses and physicians in the form of preventing many ailments before they attack the patients. He also supplies information about these life taking diseases to many statisticians. The score is 94/100.

Social Service Manager


Social service manager plans and coordinates the various social service programs. They also oversee the various community services provided by various companies.

Respiratory Therapy Physician

respiratory therapy

He assists the patients in the emergency wards. The problem-solving skill score is 94.



He is the one who compiles the data regarding death rate, disease, accidents Etc. The problem-solving skill score is  around 93.