Smart Ways to Make Money With Long Term Investments

Smart Ways to Make Money With Long Term Investments

Smart Ways to Make Money With Long Term Investments

It is not easy to make money. You may put lots of efforts to make money but sometimes it is not possible. People do lots of hard work but they fail to make money and their hard work go in vain. Hence it is very much necessary to invest your money in a smart way so that it can give you returns. You can invest your money in two ways for short term or might be long term. Short term investments usually does not give you much return but it is not true also that you can expect good returns from your long term investment.

There many options for long term investments. Hence it is very much necessary to be smart when you want to make money from long term investment. Smart investor never believes in short term investments, they always go for long term investments. There are many options to make your money in long term investments. Some of the investment options are;

You can Invest in Diversified Portfolio

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You can almost double your money over a reasonable amount of time if you invest in a solid, non speculative diversified portfolio which diversifies your investment in various blue chip stocks and investment grade bonds. If you consider the large blue chip stock, they returned roughly 10% over the last 100 years and investment grade usually provides 6%.Hence if you diversified your investment portfolio for a long period of time you will definitely get much more returns beyond your expectations.

You can Go for Bank Fixed Deposits and Saving Bonds


This is also one of the safe options to make your money from your investment, but all you need to do is that do is that you have fixed deposit your money for long period of time. You can invest in saving bond too. Saving bond might not be a good option for short term, but it can yield healthy returns in the long term. This is also a low risk investment for you. Even the fixed deposits which you will be doing for long term can gives higher returns than your saving bank account.

You can Invest in Real Estate

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Real estate is also one f the best option to make your money smartly. The investment in real estate is become very attractive now a day for many investors who prefer to invest in something tangible. Investing in real estate may be a good option if you have the knowledge about it. You can by some properties which might give you income on rental basis or you can buy a land and keep it fir long term to sell. From research it has been found that in long term investing in real estate gives more than 200% return on their investment.

You Can Invest in Insurance

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One of the best options for long term investment to make your money by investing in insurance policy. It not only gives you life cover and reduces your risk but at the same there are many insurance policies are there which is giving a good maturity benefit along with the life cover. This option is very good because it reduces the risk of your life as well as you can good returns on your investment without much risk. There are some insurance policies which are market linked and give considerably good returns over a period of time.

There are many other options too for long term investment. But one thing you need to remember is that you need to invest according your risk taking capacity.