Temptation Seems to Grow

Temptation Seems to Grow

Temptation Seems to Grow

Temptation seems to grow abundantly when we decide that we want to change something about ourselves. Suddenly there is cake at every meeting when you are looking to lose weight. Suddenly there are good television shows on when you want to watch less and read more. 

Regardless of where and how you want to grow the temptation to surrender to the moment will always be there. Here are two tips in how to increase your will power and defend yourself against the moment of temptation.

1. Increase Your Will Power by Creating a Picture

 increase your will power by creating a picture

Increase your will power by creating a picture of what you want the end result to be. This picture might be 30 years from now but it is what you want and desire. If you can create a vivid picture of what you want your life to be like. Utilize the full capacity of your imagination. See yourself with the man or woman of your dreams, wearing an incredible outfit and able to do the tasks that you long to develop. 

Create the story of your future in your mind first. Play it over and over. Recognize that if you give into your temptations that suddenly that dream will either take longer or will fail to materialize. The key here is to make it so real and so desirable that nothing will derail you from your dreams.

2. Increase Your Will Power by Creating Success

increase your will power by creating success

Typically temptation only lasts a moment. If you pass on the donut in one meeting and then walk away that is a victory. Set small achievable goals to accomplish daily. While you might set several, make sure that you set one “Must Achieve Goal”. Only one! The rest can serve as a bonus but setting one “Must Achieve” goal every day will give you a taste of victory. 

That one taste can make you a success addict. Just make sure that you make your success holistic and not stalled out in one area of your life. In other words don’t forsake your family for business success or surrender personal health goals by overworking and punishing your body and mind.

I have several tips that I can also add to the mix. Don’t get distracted. Surround yourself with goal oriented people. Guard your thought life. All of these tips can be enhanced and developed in further conversations; but start with these first two tips and you will find great success in overcoming your temptations.