Corporate Team Building Activities

Corporate Team Building Activities

Corporate Team Building Activities

Sometimes managers plan some beautiful activities for the employees with some definite goals in mind. Without goals, they tends to be a waste of time, and the managers lose the respect of the team members. Team Building activities are a great way to unite the group, and that is only if the exercises are carefully planned and strategized. Here is a list of popular corporate team building activities.

1. Stereotype Party

stereotype party

This is fun filled activity for a large or a small group. Write the names of various personalities and paste it on the back of a group member. Now each person has to specify the name of the person on their back.

2. Human Spring

human spring

The group members need to face each other in pairs. Their elbows should be bent, and the palms should face each other. Then an instruction should be given so that the palms touch together

3. Back to Back, Drawing

back to back, drawing

The groups should be divided into pairs and each pair should sit on the floor back to back. The people holding the pictures need to give verbal instructions to their partners to draw the images without revealing what the actual picture is.

4. Survival


You need to tell the group members that their plan has crashed, and they need to find a survival route. 12 items are given, and the members need to rank them in order of importance

5. Create your Group Activity

create your group activity

Small groups are involved, and they design to present a new group activity. It is a challenging exercise that includes all elements of teamwork.

6. Group Mandala

group mandala

Each group is represented by an object and the objects are thrown like dice. The group members are then asked to share their feelings about the subject matter and then rearrange the objects.

7. Balloon Activities

balloon activities

Group activities can be undertaken with the help of balloons. It is fun and involves some form of physical movement where people get to know each other better. In hindsight, they trust each other while working together.

Team building referrers to a host of activities that are undertaken to lift the morale of the team and improve productivity. Motivation is the key, and whatever activities one undertakes, the team should motivate the members in performing to the best of their ability. Tea building can also be divided into daily tasks like presentations, lunch sessions. The element of fun will increase the effectiveness.